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Alexander Michael Cowper-Smith is a British banker and former financier of the investment company Goldman Sachs, born on October 1, 1981 in the United Kingdom. He is known to the public for being the ex-husband of actress Alice Eve.

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Youth and education

There is not much information about Alex Cowper-Smith’s early life, family, or early education. However, it is known that he has an economically privileged background as he attended the prestigious Westminster School, from which he enrolled in 2000. Then he attended the University of Nottingham, graduating in 2003 with a degree in trade and finance.


After graduating, Alex was immediately hired by Goldman Sachs as an associate. He fought his way to a higher and more privileged position, becoming a financier for the company a few years later. Goldman Sachs is a global company that provides financial services to governments and other businesses. In his work as a financier, Cowper-Smith managed investment and acquisition money on behalf of the company. In 2016, Alex quit his job at Goldman Sachs for personal reasons. Currently, Alex works at Pearman Partners Limited as a Director.

Private life


Alex has participated as a volunteer fundraiser for charities.

In 2008 he took part in a charity event for the British Red Cross and added the comment alongside a photo of a scar on his leg: “LOOK AT MY LEG! It doesn’t look much better now and I’m running a (half) marathon. I know you’re all gasping for it but I’m doing this for charity… good charity. Please give generously. Your support really means a lot to me. Wish me good luck. Alexander.’

In 2008, he also ran a marathon for La Vida, an investment organization that supports Latin American communities.

Relationship: Alice Eve

Alex’s only publicly known relationship is with actress Alice Eve.

Alice Eve

The British actress is known for her roles in several hit films, such as the comedy “She’s Out of My League” and “Sex and the City 2” both in 2010, “Star Trek Into Darkness” in 2011, and ” Men in Black”. 3″ in 2012.

Alex and Alice met as teenagers when they both attended Westminster School. They started a romantic relationship, but it was short-lived as they broke up to attend different universities after enrolling.

The couple were separated for more than a decade, and although there is no information about Alex’s romantic partners during those years, it is known that Alice dated actors Rufus Sewel and Rafe. Spall, and was romantically involved with writer Adam O’Riordan, whom she met while attending St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

The relationship lasted three years but ended in 2012 for unknown reasons. In 2013, Alice spoke to Daily Express about her problems finding a boyfriend in part because of her orderly personality: “I can’t fit into an unmade bed; I can’t sleep with shoes near me – they have to be in a closet – and I absolutely hate a messy car.”

In December 2013, she was spotted having dinner with Chris Evan, her co-star in the romantic film ‘Before We Go’, sparking rumors of a possible romantic relationship. However, none of them confirmed it.

Engagement and marriage: 2014

After years apart, Eve and Alex reunited in early 2014 and rekindled their relationship. Eve told Hello! : ‘We fell in love when we were at school.

Then life took its course and we both went out and pursued our careers. I always adored him and we were able to reconnect at that point in our lives and, like magic, we fell in love again.

In the same interview, Alex said that Alice was the love of his life: “I never expected this to happen, but somehow it always seemed like we were meant to be together.” When we got back together, it was like we had never been apart. I feel so lucky to have her back. I loved her as soon as I met her”.

Alex maintained a good relationship with Alice’s family, stating that they were always kind to him in his teenage years.

During a family trip to Ibiza in July 2014, while Alice was taking a short break from filming the movie “Criminal”, Alex asked Alice’s father – actor Trevor Eve – for his blessing, and the same day he proposed to Alice at a private romantic evening dinner – the wedding ceremony took place at Brompton Oratory in South Kensington, London on December 31, 2014. Alice arrived at the church with her father: ‘All along Brompton Road people were beeping and waving because we were in a white cab’.

British designer Alice Temperley was responsible for designing Eve’s stunning wedding dress: “She has a real knack for making a bride feel the most amazing,” Eve said.

On her way to the ceremony, Eve was spotted wearing a white dress over her dress, paired with a bouquet of all-white roses and stiletto heels. Alex wore a simple yet elegant black flow with a white rose. Alice described the moving moment the ceremony began and she saw her fiancé waiting for her: “I was trying not to cry but the moment my blurry sight brought it into full view I didn’t couldn’t help myself.” The wedding was attended by their families, as well as celebrities such as model Twiggy and millionaire Charles Saatchi and 150 other guests. The reception was held in the Presidential Suite of the Mandarin Oriental. The newlywed couple’s honeymoon was in Africa.

At the time of their marriage, the couple lived in separate countries: Alex lived in London, Alice in Los Angeles, pursuing her career as a professional actress in Hollywood.

Divorce – 2017

In an effort to spend more time with his wife, Alex made the decision to quit his job at Goldman Sachs in 2016, moving with Alice to the United States. However, the couple’s attempts to keep their relationship going were futile, as Alice was reportedly seen in November 2016 (Daily Mail) without her wedding ring, sparking split rumours. In 2017, they officially filed for divorce.

Net value

Apparently the average Goldman Sachs employee earned a minimum wage of over $50,000 a year.


Posted by Sophisticated Living Magazine on Tuesday, June 23, 2015

However, it is safe to assume that Alex Cowper-Smith’s salary was higher than that given that he held a high position in the company. Largely due to her work in the business, Alex’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000 at the start of 2020. Alice’s net worth is said to be over $6 million.


Alex Cowper-Smith has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is a male of white ethnicity, who is about 1.70m (5ft 7in) tall. He has a slender figure and often wears suits, maintaining a professional appearance.

Interesting facts

Although they studied at the same school, Alex and his ex-wife Alice have chosen very different career paths.

When the media announced their engagement in 2014, the media referred to Alex as Alice’s “school sweetheart”.

Alex married Alice Eve in the same church where she was baptized as a child.

Alice’s nickname for Alex in high school was “Cowper” – she kept calling him that as an adult.

The flower arrangements for Alex and Eve’s wedding ceremony were made of baby’s breath, in honor of Alice’s late grandmother.

After his divorce, Alex returned to the UK, where he still resides.

Alex Cowper-Smith has an Instagram account, but he hasn’t posted any photos yet.

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