Former Georgia First Lady Sandra Deal And Governor Nathan Deal Wife Passed Away At 80

Sandra Deal, an American language teacher and well-known education advocate, has worked in public schools.

She promoted reading proficiency in her third year as co-chair of the Georgia Literacy Commission.

As the wife of Nathan Deal, the 82nd Governor of the U.S. state of Georgia, Deal served as First Lady of Georgia from 2011 to 2019. She previously taught language arts in public schools for more than 15 years.

Additionally, she promoted literacy and education across the country. She gave the commencement address at the start of Georgia Gwinnett College’s summer.

Sandra, former First Lady of Georgia

Sandra, former First Lady of Georgia

What happened to former Georgia first lady Sandra Deal?

On August 23, 2022, Sandra Deal, the first lady of Georgia, died at the age of 80. According to those close to her, a prolonged battle with breast cancer that eventually reached her brain was the reason for her death.

Deal died Tuesday at her family’s residence in Demorest, Georgia. She received her initial diagnosis of breast cancer in January 2018 and underwent radiation therapy in May of the same year.

Offers noted in the statement, “She made consistent, selfless donations to others. Although we will miss her, we should be grateful to be hers.

According to Governor Brian Kemp, “Her generosity of spirit meant not only that she was adored by her students, but also that she was an influential force in their lives.”

Former Governor Nathan Deal marries Sandra Deal obituary and tributes on Twitter

One of Georgia’s tallest and most beautiful women, Sandra Deal brought warmth and a remarkable amount of beauty, grace, and dignity to the governor’s office.

Everyone is in tears following the passing of the remarkable Lady Deal. She managed to build the state while making a good difference in the lives of many Georgians.

Her admirers paid tribute to First Lady Georiga on Twitter after learning of her passing.

David Ralston, the speaker, wrote a heartfelt email to Sandra in which he expressed his grief. He said, “She was Gov. Nathan Deal’s inspiration and source of excellence. Her smile and her ability to make everyone around her feel better will be missed.

“My sincere condolences to Governor Deal and the Deal family on the passing of First Lady Sandra Deal,” gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams wrote in a statement.

“I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Sandra Deal, who served the State of Georgia with compassion,” wrote Jen Jordan, Democratic nominee for Georgia Attorney General.

The Sandra Deal family with Nathan has four children – 3 daughters and 1 son

In 1966, Sandra Deal married John Nathan, a former governor of Georgia. They will remain hand in hand for 56 years, until Sandra’s death.

Nathan Deal worked as a prosecutor at Hall Country Juvenile Court before being chosen as Georgia’s governor. He has been a private lawyer for 23 years.

Mary Emily, Carrie and Katie are the Deal couple’s three adult daughters. Their only child is also named Jason Deal. However, they are grandparents of six grandchildren.

His wife, children and grandchildren all survived Sandra. Details of his memorial ceremony have yet to be released.

Sandra Deal’s age gap with husband Nathan Deal was less than a year

Emilie Sandra Dunagan was given Sandra Deal as her first name at birth. She was born in 1941 or 1942, and she died at the age of 80.

Gainesville, Georgia served as Mrs. Deal’s upbringing home base. She graduated from Georgia College & State University with two degrees.

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in elementary education in 1963 and a master’s degree in 1968.

In 2022, Nathan Deal will be 80 years old. On August 25, 1942, he was born in Millen, Georgia to Mary and Noah Jordan.

He graduated with honors from Mercer University in Macon for his law degree and bachelor’s degree. He obtained his Juris Doctor in 1966.

Sandra Deal and her husband Nathan Deal

Sandra Deal and her husband Nathan Deal

Sandra Deal and Husband Nathan Deal Net Worth Comparison

Sandra Deal’s net worth at her death ranged from $1 million to $5 million. However, given his professional expertise, the amount provided is really an estimate.

Native of Gainesville For several years, Sandra taught language arts in a public school. She was a middle school teacher in Hall County until she decided to retire.

The following year, in 2015, she published her book Memories of the Mansion: The Story of Georgia’s Governor’s Mansion.

As a well-known American lawyer and politician, Nathan Deal is said to have a large net worth. His precise earnings information has not been made public by the authorized site so far.

In November 1992, he won his first congressional election as a Democrat in Georgia’s 9th congressional district, taking the eight-term seat from Ed Jenkins.

Sandra Deal Organic

American educator Emilie Sandra Deal, who died August 23, 2022, was a language arts teacher and supporter of public education. She served as First Lady of Georgia from 2011 to 2019 as the wife of the 82nd Governor of the US state of Georgia, Nathan Deal.


Emilie Sandra Dunagan

1941 or 1942
Gainesville, Georgia, USA

deceased August 23, 2022 (80 years old)
Demorest, Georgia, USA
Political party Republican

Nathan’s Offer

(Mr. 1966)​

Children 4


Emilie Sandra Dunagan grew up in Gainesville, Georgia, the daughter of teachers. She graduated from Georgia College & State University twice. In 1963, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. In 1968, she obtained a master’s degree in primary education.


Prior to being elected First Lady of Georgia, Dunagan spent more than 15 years teaching language arts in public schools. She later retired from teaching at the sixth grade middle school in Hall County, Georgia.

She promoted literacy and education statewide while serving as the first lady of Georgia,[6] for which the Georgia Association of Broadcasters awarded him its 2016 “Georgian of the Year” award.

2015 saw the publication of his book Memories of the Mansion: The Story of Georgia’s Governor’s Mansion. Every public library in the state of Georgia received a copy of the book as a donation.

She delivered the commencement address at Georgia Gwinnett College’s 2016 summer intake.

The Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy was unveiled by Georgia College & State University in 2017. The Georgia Early Language and Literacy Center is a publicly funded educational facility that seeks to improve early language skills and in State Child Literacy by providing research-based professional development for organizations working with children from birth to eight years old.

Private life

In 1966 Dunagan married Nathan Deal. Jason, Mary Emily, Carrie and Katie are her four children with her ex-husband, who served as Governor Deal.

In January 2018, Sandra Deal was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In May 2018, she completed all of her radiation treatments. She was 80 when she died on August 23, 2022 at her home in Demorest, Georgia from breast cancer that had metastasized to the brain.

How did Sandra Deal die?

On Tuesday, Sandra Deal, who had reached the age of 80 when she died, joined her husband, the late former Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, in the afterlife. She became famous for her advocacy of early literacy during her husband’s two terms in government, which she shared with him.

On Tuesday, members of the Deal family announced at their residence in the town of Demorest, located in northeast Georgia, that Sandra Deal had died of breast cancer that had spread. in his brain. At the time of her death, she was assisted by a number of family members, including the former governor.

The deal, which was a teacher for more than 15 years in Hall County, was ultimately carried out at more than a thousand different schools across Georgia when she was the state’s first lady. She has visited schools and read to children in all 159 counties and 181 school districts in Georgia, as well as countless pre-kindergarten facilities.

Deal said “a child’s brain grows at a phenomenal rate between birth and their eighth birthday, and that growth relies on a good start” in a 2018 opinion piece he wrote for publication in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The play was titled “A child’s brain develops at a phenomenal rate between birth and its eighth birthday.” “The earlier we can teach children how to manage their feelings and how to get along with others, the more effectively we can motivate them to become curious about the world, and the greater the likelihood that they will be successful in their lives. adult life,” says Dr. James Doty, a pediatrician at the University of California, San Francisco.

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