Maverick Cameo, Val Kilmer Wants To Return As Batman For One Last Time

Like any other superhero Batman also has several films, and with these films came several actors who portrayed the character on screen. From Michael Keiten to Robert Pattinson, Warner Brothers has featured plenty of actors playing the role. One such actor is Val Kilmer, who portrayed the character in the 1995 film batman forever.

Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer

batman forever follows Batman facing off against Two-Face, a former district attorney and The Riddler, and former employee of Wayne Enterprises.

However, after portraying the character in a Batman film, Val Kilmer decided not to appear in future films. Kilmer, who was once enthusiastic about playing the character, soon realized something that made him no longer want to portray him.

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After batman forever did well enough, the studio decided to have a sequel to the film. They planned the next movie, batman and robinbut Kilmer refused to continue in the role.

DC will introduce the multiverse

Now, with the possibility of a multiverse, many actors who played roles in superhero franchises are returning to the big screen. The most recent example is having three Spider Man of three different realities together.

Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield, who played Spider Man earlier, appeared in Spider-Man: Far From Homeand everyone loved it.


DCEU also plans to introduce the multiverse with its next film, the flashin 2023, many expect to see different Batmans from different realities come together.

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Val Kilmer wants to return as Batman

Hoping to appear as Batman on screen once again, Val Kilmer said in a recent interview that he would like to dress up as Batman one more time.

During an interview with IGN carried out via an email for the promotion of his recent film, Top Gun: Maverickhe was asked if he would like to return as Batman as the concept of the multiverse is introduced and the actors who played the character earlier return to team up with the current actor playing the role, so would he like to appear in any Cameo Batman Movies.

Kilmer replied, “Yes, please.”

Why did Val Kilmer refuse to play Batman After Batman Forever?

Currently, the role is performed by two actors, Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson. There are also updates that DC plans to reintroduce Michael Keaton as a superhero, who played the character in 1992. Return of Batman.

Now that Val Kilmer wants to return as Batman, what was the reason he chose to drop the character? The actor shared in his memoir, Val Kilmer: I am your Huckleberrythat he had several reservations about the film, one of which was the quality of the film.

He also mentioned that when he tried to watch the movie with his kids, none of them stayed to finish it.

Val Kilmer with throat cancer.
Val Kilmer

The actor also shared how difficult it was to act in the Batman costume. It wasn’t just Kilmer who faced the costume problem, several actors had issues with the Batman costume.

In his Amazon Prime documentary, Kilmer said you could barely move inside this costume. The actor also said: “People have to help you get up and sit down. You don’t hear anything and after a while people stop talking to you, it’s very isolating.

He said it was frustrating to perform in costume. And after experiencing what it’s like to be in the Batsuit, his enthusiasm for playing the character waned. Val Kilmer recently reprized his role as Iceman in Top Gun: Maverick.

Batman’s future in the DCEU

Warner Brothers Discovery Plans To Bring 2022 Sequel Matt Reves The Batman. The filmmaker signed a first contract with the studio and started working on the sequel.

Robert Pattinson FandomMovies
Robert Pattinson in The Batman

With the confirmation of a sequel, fans started discussing what the title of the next film would be. With this sequel, Robert Pattinson is sure to return as the Batman once again. The rest of the film’s cast has yet to be revealed.

We could also see Ben Affleck, the actor who played the character in batman versus superman and Justice Leagueshould play in the next Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom.

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