‘No wonder Chris Nolan left them’: Warner Bros. Discovery faces plummeting $5.5 billion market cap after Batgirl and other projects canceled, accused of targeting minorities and alienate top filmmakers

Keeping recent developments in mind, there’s no denying that Warner Bros. Discovery is currently in the midst of a major crisis. From project cancellations to reports of employee layoffs, the company is undoubtedly going through a terrible time. Now, it’s reported that the studio even lost more than it ended up saving by imposing the new cost-cutting techniques. This is not at all good news for the studio as it fuels the already burning fire of the public. It all started with the cancellation of HBO Max’s bat girl and with the current scenario, the future is still unclear.

David Zaslav in the middle of Warner Bros Discovery
David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery

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How did the Warner Bros Discovery ship start sinking?

In the past few years alone, Warner Bros. has found itself in the midst of backlash and controversy, particularly regarding their DC section. Although it was hoped that after the merger it might get better, but right now it only looks worse. Looks like the plans aren’t working the way David Zaslav expects.

HBO Max's Batgirl shelved
HBO Max’s Batgirl has been shelved indefinitely by Warner Bros Discovery

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All these unfortunate events began with the ransacking of bat girl. The reason for Leslie Grace starring cancellation is said to be that the film performed poorly in test screenings, following which they decided to scrap the project. While some fans were supportive of the idea, it was mostly met with negative responses as fans didn’t find any justification for a near-completed film to be scrapped. This decision also enraged various stars as well as the crew associated with the film.

After bat girl, several other films have also passed through the clutches of the studio. From the cancellation of super girl, Batman: Crusader Caped to the elevation of various sesame street episodes from the HBO Max streaming platforms, WBD implemented various new methods to save around $3 billion. But according to some sources, this is not the case because he even lost more than 5 billion dollars.

Batman: Crusader Caped
Batman: Caped Crusader is shipping off HBO Max

According to David Zaslav, the new CEO, he wanted to implement a long 10-year plan for DC similar to its rival superhero studio Marvel. But now it’s all leading to nowhere but more and more criticism as the studio failed to deliver what it promised and even worse. The new plans also included the studio to release only event films that would promise them more theatrical profits.

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Not a crew friendly studio at all

Christopher Nolan is against the idea of ​​Dark Knight 4
Oppenheimer is the first film since Memento not to be made under Warner Bros.

Along with losing profits, Warner Bros Discovery is also said to be embroiled in bigger controversies as some reports suggest they have also laid off several employees and targeted various minorities.

On top of all this, there is also a problem of dissatisfied directors within the studio. This problem is not new to the WBD Cartel as we have been monitoring it since the days of Zack Snyder. The recent development in this area took place when the legendary Interstellar, Creation and Prestige celebrity Christopher Nolan has left the studio following the differences he faced during the release of Principle. Following this, Nolan decided to switch to Universal for his next release. Oppenheimer.

Now, with all these updates summed up, it can be well understood that the company is not in a good position and needs to do something soon. If the studio continues to suffer losses and fail to cooperate with associates, it may not take very long to be history.

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