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Top 5 Best Marvel Power Couples


When you work with each other as much as these guys do, you’re bound to fall in love with someone. Marvel has given us some crazy powerful superhero pairings in both the comics and the MCU. Here, then, is the exploration of the 5 most iconic power couples in the Marvel Universe.

1. Wanda and Vision

Wanda and Vision

Scarlet Witch and Vision fell in love right on our screens. Both powered by the Mind Stone, they understood each other. Vision saw Wanda for who she is and helped her come to terms with herself. He never saw her as an agent of destruction or a threat. Vision is a synthezoid created from vibranium and Wanda is the Scarlet Witch. You couldn’t find two more powerful people than these guys. We go on an emotional roller coaster throughout Infinity Wars as Wanda must choose between the one she loves and saving the world. In the end, the sacrifice is rendered useless as Thanos simply goes back in time and retrieves the Mind Stone anyway. It’s a pretty heartbreaking ending for both of them.

Not only is this pairing powerful, but they’re also important to the MCU’s storyline. Vision’s death triggered the events of Wanda Vision and Wanda finally becoming the powerful Scarlet Witch we saw in the comics. We see its true potential when its powers create the Hex.

2. Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

Steve and Peggy

Captain America has only ever loved one woman and that was Peggy Carter. Now, she may not have superpowers, but she’s definitely a powerhouse. She is a prominent and successful agent who is skilled in firearms, hand-to-hand combat, and is an excellent tactician. In fact, what if? and Multiverse of Madness gave us a Captain America who is none other than Peggy Carter. These two separated for several decades after Steve walked into the ice. However, their love survived. Steve never moved and always remained in love with her.

Endgame finally let these two be together instead of giving us another heartbreaking love story. Steve Rogers returned the Infinity Stones and stayed in the past himself. He lived a busy life with his one true love Peggy Carter and we even catch a glimpse of them dancing.

3. Cyclops and Jean Gray

Cyclops and Jean Gray

Now, they’re a complicated couple, but they’re also the most important in the X-Men universe and have led to some iconic moments. Even death failed to separate them. They were each other’s first love and that never changed despite the other people they saw. Having spent most of their lives together, they know each other better than anyone. They went on missions, trained together, got married and even had children at times. Cyclops helps Jean stay in control, calm and grounded.

4. Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman

Wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm

Reed Richards and Sue Storm have probably been together the longest and have one of Marvel’s most stable relationships. They met and fell in love before they even became the Fantastic Four and gained superpowers. There were many obstacles such as Reed’s obsession with science and finding answers, and the multiple other suitors who wanted to woo Sue Storm. But they survived it all. They have put their marriage first on several occasions and have developed a healthy relationship where they communicate their feelings and even take time off. During the Civil War, the two found themselves on opposite sides. Nonetheless, they reconnected during the final battle and understood each other’s perspectives. They have a relationship where both are on an equal footing and respect each other just as much.

5. Black Bolt and Jellyfish

Black bolt and jellyfish

The King and Queen of Inhumans have had too many ups and downs but are still one of the most iconic superhero couples. Their marriage was arranged by their parents but the love they shared was deeper than ever. black bolt can communicate only with Medusa as he is mute and cannot speak without destroying all of Attilan. Some comics say they developed their own secret language when they were younger, while newer versions claim it to be an otherworldly psychic connection. Nevertheless, she is his voice and knows him better than anyone.

There are also other Marvel couples who have shown that superheroes can fall in love and develop happy relationships too. There’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, Cyclops and Emma Frost, Wolverine and Jean Grey, and Star Lord and Gamora.

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