Where Is Melissa Sutton Daughter of John Sutton Now? Mother Susan’s Death Still Haunts Her

There is no Wikipedia available for Melissa Sutton. After the serious incident, she did not attract much attention. His family was ruined that night.

Now, to get to the reason for this bloodbath, the suspicious game started with Melissa’s mother’s secret relationship with John’s business partner, Teddy. Teddy and John got along well at work, but Teddy then stabbed John. It emerged that Teddy was having a sexual relationship with his business partner’s wife.

After the incident, police suspected Teddy of being involved in Susan’s death due to an unacknowledged love triangle. Moreover, they suspected that the next reason could be his hunger for the million dollars their business had just earned. However, that was not the reason.

Teddy’s gun was also sent for testing, but his gun did not match the murder weapon. He was mourning Susan’s death. Now what was the reason? It was amazing when it all became clear, and the police discovered that Christopher, John and Susan’s first adopted child was behind the murder of his parents.

Christopher Sutton, John and Susan's first adopted child
Christopher Sutton, John and Susan’s first adopted child (Source: Hive)

Previously, Christopher had shown frightening deeds to his family as he wanted to kill them for the inheritance. Following this, the family was afraid to live with him in the house. They got a restraining order against Christopher at sixteen and sent him to a behavior modification school. This led Christopher to hate his parents even more.

A man named Garrett Kopp was arrested by police less than 24 hours after the Suttons’ attack. He had used a gun to assault someone, and when police reviewed Christopher’s phone record, they found that Garrett’s number had appeared more than 330 times.

Later, Garrett informed the police that Christopher had hired him to murder his relative. Christopher had often discussed killing his parents with his girlfriend, Juliette. He informed her that he would employ a hitman to do the task. Juliette therefore also testified against him.

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