‘Ring of Power’ may have given fans their first glimpse of Gandalf

New stills from Amazon’s highly anticipated Lord of the Rings: power rings The miniseries offers our clearest look yet at the weird, tired man teased in previous previews. He hasn’t been formally identified as Gandalf, but trust me, it’s Gandalf.

While the rest of the gang are busy screaming, climbing mountains of ice, wielding blades, making rings, and being completely deceived by the Dark Lord, Gandalf arrives early in Middle-earth to relax, sharing alcohol with the hobbits and getting work. Finished. And that’s why we’re hoping Rings of Power might be the next best thing.

We all understand that the creators of the show rearrange events to create better TV drama. Everything’s going well for me; dogmatic devotion to the canon is the folly of the ignorant.

The trailers gave us a view of Harfoots

The hobbit-like people in the trailers are harfoots, the wandering ancestors of the hobbits, who Vanity Fair says encounter a wayward man whose backstory appears to be one of the show’s most intriguing mysteries.

Certainly, Gandalf and the remaining magicians do not appear until two millennia after the Third Age, long after the creation of the rings and the fall of the final coalition of elves and men.

However, the hobbits, who are presented as ordinary peasants dwelling on the periphery of the main plot, are really the protagonists and the whole purpose of the books and film adaptations. The fact that the scriptwriters included Gandalf’s narrative as well as the harfoots is a positive sign that they have read and understood JRR Tolkien.

Regardless of how faithfully it adheres to Tolkien’s timeline, if the story focuses only on Galadriel, Ar-Pharazôn, Gil-galad, and great friendships and deceptions, then it’s not Lord of the Rings; they’re just power rings.

Of course, it is possible that this is totally wrong. It’s possible that the man they discover in the crater is not Gandalf at all but rather an unrelated man. Maybe one of the Blue Wizards or just some random guy. If not Gandalf, then who is?

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