What Is Janice Dyson Net Worth In 2022? Is Her Husband John McAfee Still Alive?

What is Janice Dyson net worth in 2022? Is her husband John McAfee still alive?

A year after the couple first met, British-American entrepreneur John McAfee married African-American woman Janice Dyson. Due to the large age gap between the two partners, many people viewed the couple’s relationship with suspicion.

At the time of their marriage in 2013, the two-time presidential candidate was on the run from authorities in Belize, where he was charged with murder. In Belize, he was suspected of being responsible for the death of his 54-year-old neighbor Gregory Faull.

The suspect, named McAfee, was captured in Guatemala and then extradited to the United States, where he was charged with paying $25 million to Faull’s family. Do you want conversation? Yes. How is it going? I say it’s excellent, it’s hot.

After John’s extradition, McAfee met his ex-wife, Janice, at a Miami Beach cafe and hired her as his escort for the night. Janice accompanied McAfee to the airport.

In 2017, after years of sex trafficking by John and Janice, it was reported that McAfee rescued Janice from an abusive pimp and freed her from his control. After that, the couple got married in 2013, then moved to Lexington in the state of Tennessee.

Janice Dyson

Janice Dyson

What do you think of Janice Dyson’s net worth in 2022?

As the former wife of British-American computer programmer and businessman John McAfee, Janice Dyson is best recognized for her association with his name.

Following the conclusion of her marriage to John, it was claimed that Dyson received a large sum of money.

Dyson is believed to have a net worth of around $800,000. It is not entirely clear whether or not Janice was able to recover all of her husband’s property and possessions. As far as we know, his wife, Janice, has a net worth that is in the millions of dollars.

In addition to his other real estate, John owns a five-acre oceanfront residence in Hawaii and a 157-acre ranch in New Mexico.

Additionally, there is a 35-seat movie theater, a private 10-seat Cessna plane, artwork, dozens of high-end automobiles, and maybe a ship or two on the property.

The wealth of the successful businessman has allowed the couple to enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle in the past. However, in 2009, it was discovered that John had lost $96 million out of his initial $100 million, which led to a decrease in his total net worth.

Is she able to confirm that her husband John McAfee is still alive?

News that John McAfee killed himself by hanging himself in June 2021 while being held in a Spanish prison awaiting extradition to the United States on various tax evasion charges was widely reported at the time. .

However, the billionaire allegedly staged his own death to escape, as his ex-girlfriend Samantha Herrera, from Belize, has claimed.

After that, McAfee moved to Texas, and he still lives today. Herrera claims he told her she was one of only three people in the world who knew he was still alive and then strongly persuaded her to go with him.

Herrera claims that she and McAfee, who both lived in San Pedro, Belize, started dating when she was just 18. Additionally, the couple began making arrangements for their wedding.

McAfee and Herrera left the country in 2012 as a direct result of the unresolved circumstances surrounding the death of their Florida neighbor, Gregory Faull.

Not only did Herrera have a disagreement with the person who was at the center of her investigation, but she also had her uncle, the famous lawyer Telésforo Guerra, to represent the individual.

Partner of Janice Dyson

Partner of Janice Dyson

The number of years of marriage of John McAfee and his biography Wikipedia

In 1983, Janice was born in Guatemala. John’s ex-wife’s age is currently 39.

It is speculated that Dyson came from a low-income family and at some point in her adult life endured both financial hardship and physical abuse from a spouse.

In fact, it was when John married her and freed her from ex-abuse that she finally felt safe. When Janice was working as a prostitute in South Beach, Florida in 2012, she met McAfee.

The software developer had expressly solicited his services for the purpose of satisfying his own vanity. Also, this is the year John was arrested and charged with murder.

After a while, Jamie revealed that she started a relationship more out of necessity than love. Worse still, McAfee’s ex-wife was spying on her husband and then giving her moves to individuals trying to kidnap John.

Even though Jamie and John never married in the traditional sense, they did manage to have two children together.

Janice Dyson is from Guatemala

Dyson was born in 1983 in Guatemala. As of 2021, she is in her late thirties.

Beyond the aforementioned details, however, there are few facts about McAfee’s African-American wife, especially when it comes to her life before she met the antivirus designer.

It is believed, however, that she came from a fairly disadvantaged family and that at some point in her adult life she also suffered from domestic violence and poverty.

Janice Dyson was a prostitute when she first met husband John McAfee

When she first met McAfee in 2012, Janice was working as a prostitute in Florida’s South Beach. The software developer had hired her for sex. He was then fleeing Belize after becoming a prime suspect in his neighbor’s murder, according to Newsweek.

John McAfee met Janice Dyson in 2012 while the former was fleeing authorities in Belize.

Although Janice and McAfee have an age gap of over 38 years, they got married in 2013. In total, they remained husband and wife for eight years, until the former passed away in 2021.

Janice Dyson and her husband

Janice Dyson and her husband

Janice had ulterior motives for marrying John

Interestingly, sometime after they started dating, it emerged that Janice Dyson started the relationship with McAfee, to spy on him for the cartel bosses she worked for. In fact, she had been ordered by them to drug and poison.

Thus, she transmitted information about his movements to certain gangsters who wanted to kidnap him. She worked for her former associate, Delmariea Kamani Crutchfield, aka “Suave”. The original plan was to kidnap and rob him.

Some insiders claim Dyson’s pimp blackmailed her into drugging McAfee’s food and even made her leave the doors unlocked at the couple’s home in Lexington, Kentucky.

Dyson, however, developed real feelings for John and as she plotted to ensnare her husband, she also hinted at his every move, indirectly so he could survive. McAfee’s paranoia and high security also helped a lot in his survival.

Later, he learned that his wife was spying on him. However, he took no action as he understood the position she was in.

During their relationship, John also protected her from people who pressured her into prostitution.

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