Every Potential She-Hulk Customer

The second episode of She-Hulk saw Jen Walters lose her job in the district attorney’s office. She also started a new job at GLK and H. She is now the head of the company’s superhuman division. His first client as seen is Emile Blonsky aka Abomination. Now, she-Hulk could represent a lot more exciting clients on the show, especially based on her previous clients in the comics. So here are some of the possibilities.

1. Elena Belova

Yelena Belova in Black Widow

Now, it’s more or less confirmed that Yelena will appear in the upcoming Thunderbolts project. So having her as a client could allow the MCU to set up the future storyline and transition into it effectively. Considering the events of Hawkeye and the fact that Yelena is definitely on the wrong side of the law, she probably needs a lawyer. I’m sure there are people who want to take him to court. It would also result in some hilarious banter between the two. Tatiana Maslany has also expressed her desire to work with Florence Pugh.

2. Thor and Love

Thor: Love and Thunder

At the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor essentially adopted Gorr’s daughter, Love. Considering that Asgard is now entirely part of Earth, Earth laws must apply to them as well. This would mean Thor would have to go through the legal process to become Love’s official guardian. Keeping in mind Thor’s relationship with the Hulk, chances are he won’t approach anyone but the Hulk’s cousin for help. I’m sure She-Hulk and Thor would also give us some meme-worthy comedic moments, complementing the show’s lighthearted tone.

3. Howard the Duck

howard the duck

This sci-fi duck was previously introduced to the MCU through the post-credits scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1. It was seen in the Collector’s Museum after it was destroyed due to the Power Stone. He also made a cameo appearance during Endgame in the final battle against Thanos. In the comics, Jen took him on as a client and helped him get a US passport.

4. Mephisto


It might just be us desperately trying to manifest Mephisto in the MCU, but still. Although Jen never had him as a client, she ran into him in the comics. There was a time when Jen had accumulated millions in debt. Of course, Mephisto appeared and offered him a way to clear his debt. But in typical Mephisto fashion, he wanted his soul in return. It would definitely be fun to see She-Hulk work with Mephisto and even explore the contracts he makes. In fact, this appearance could pave the way for Ghost Rider’s introduction into the MCU.

5. juggernaut


The juggernaut has been one of She-Hulk’s clients as well as her lover in comics. This Marvel villain managed to impress Jen by turning over a new leaf and being a good guy for once. We know that future episodes of She-Hulk will explore Jen Walter’s love life. This could be a fun way to give her a break from boring human guys and give her someone taller than her instead.

6. Wolverine

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Here’s another X-Men character who could possibly appear as a client. However, it is significantly less likely than the appearance of Juggernaut. This rumor is entirely based on the second episode and the tiny small teaser that fans had, officially introducing Wolverine to the MCU. An article in one of the scenes was about a man with metal claws getting into a bar fight. Now, this is obviously referring to Wolverine. Also, after that bar fight where he probably caused damage to the restaurant and the people he got into fights with, he definitely needs a lawyer.

7. Kristoff Vernard (son of Dr. Doom)

Kristoff Vernard

In the comics, She-Hulk helped Kristoff run away from his father by leaving Latvia. He wanted to escape his controlling father and realized that Doom was a tyrant. It would be the perfect cameo. Especially because a new Fantastic Four project involving Doctor Victor Von Doom is underway. It could indirectly introduce Doom to fans through his son while establishing him as a cruel and controlling dictator.

Many other characters could appear such as Tigra, X-Con titles of Ant-Man, Starfox and Frog Man. Keep watching She-Hulk because things are just getting started.

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