What is Marvel planning for the Hulk?

In the Last episode from She-Hulk, we once again got a glimpse of smart hulk. He was telling Jen about Emil Blonsky aka Abomination and how he received a letter from Blonsky apologizing for his actions with a heartfelt haiku. He also makes a funny joke about how he’s not the same person he was when he fought the abomination, literally. This joke refers to the fact that Bruce Banner was recast from Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo. Suddenly the phone call is disconnected. It’s because the Hulk is in space. He is aboard the Sakaaran courier that we had seen before. It looks like Marvel is planning to have Hulk cameos in every episode. So what is the big picture? Let’s explore the possible storyline MCU is setting up for the big green guy.

The Hulk’s future in the MCU

The Hulk’s future in the MCU

As seen in the second episode, Bruce is heading towards Sakaar. By now, comic book fans will know about the Hulk’s relationship to Sakaar. He actually had a son with Caiera the Elder known as Skaar. The Sakaaran messenger ship could send the Hulk a message about the birth of his son. In fact, in the comics, Skaar hates his father and wants to kill him for abandoning him on planet Sakaar.

world war hulk

Another related possibility is that the MCU is setting up the World War Hulk storyline. This storyline follows Hulk as he is exiled from Earth by the Illuminati and spends time in Sakaar, growing stronger and preparing to exact revenge on the Illuminati. Basically, he was seeking revenge against the Illuminati by blaming them for the deaths of his wife and child. He eventually returned to Earth and wreaked havoc, battling his friends and allies as well. Hercules was also part of this story. As a result, MCU could also bring Hercules back after his brief appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder. Additionally, Marvel Studios is most likely reclaiming the rights to the Hulk. This could very well be a sequel project. Mark Ruffalo also openly expressed its preparation and excitement every time MCU decides to move forward.

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