Who is Ashtyn Sommer? Age, Height, Measurements, Boyfriend

Who is Ashtyn Sommer?

Ashtyn Sommer Joslyn was born on June 24, 1994 in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States, and is a YouTube personality, best known for being part of the Ashtyn & Jon couple channel which she runs alongside her boyfriend Jon McNamee. . They have over 200,000 subscribers on their channel who upload about a few videos a week.

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Ashtyn Sommer’s Wealth

As of mid-2020, Ashtyn Sommer’s net worth is estimated to be over $500,000, earned through a successful online career. Apart from her income on YouTube, she also earns income through an Only Fans channel where she sells videos and images to monthly subscribers.

She also earns through opportunities from other online social media platforms.

Youth and online beginnings

Ashtyn first met Jon in high school, as they both attended the same school. At the time, they were still in different relationships but remained friends throughout. They started dating in high school when they found out they were both single. After graduating from high school, the couple decided to start a YouTube channel as a hobby. They also researched it as a potential means of earning an income, as it has become a successful avenue for many people.

YouTube is an online video sharing platform and one of the most popular websites on the Internet. It allows users to upload videos to share with the public. They can then potentially earn revenue from Google’s ad revenue provided they meet all of the requirements. Like many YouTube channels, they upload videos together. Ashtyn&Jon started more as a reaction channel where they watch other popular videos and then react to those videos. Reaction videos have become a niche on YouTube and are very popular as many find it interesting to see how others react to a similar video.

Ashtyne Sommer

Access to notoriety

The couple decided to upload videos every other day, and while they don’t necessarily stick to the schedule, their regular uploads have ended up building a steady following. As their channel grew in popularity, they drew the ire of several viewers who felt that this growing trend of reaction channels diminished other channels on YouTube. Reaction content creators essentially don’t create any original content outside of their reactions, so it takes less effort for them to upload regularly. Critics of reaction channels claim that these channels get views meant for the original video, which took a lot of time and effort.

With the reviews ramping up, the couple decided to switch gears and started making other types of videos. They created their main channel as a video blog (vlog) type channel where they showcased some of their daily activities and, occasionally, travel videos. To support some of their reaction channel followers, they have created a second channel where they almost exclusively upload these types of videos.

Recent content

Over the past few months, Ashtyn&Jon has started making videos that are trending among many other YouTubers.

They often make prank videos which often involve them pranking each other. The pranks sometimes get extreme and some viewers wonder if they are doing legit content or if it is mostly fabricated. They also do challenge videos, question and answer videos, and storytelling videos which often involve them talking about their past like how they met. These videos are usually made based on the demand of their subscribers. Some of the most popular videos often involve them doing public displays of affection or having clickbaity titles. A lot of people also love Ashtyn doing fashion shopping and trying on bikinis or other form-fitting clothes for videos.

They also released some of their reaction videos, first on Twitch before later moving to Streamlabs. However, they temporarily paused in their reactions. They have also created a Patreon account so that some of their followers can donate directly to support them. Patreon has become a popular platform for YouTube content creators to earn extra income due to the website’s ever-changing policies, which has resulted in lower earnings for some.

Only fans and Patreon

Besides their couple’s chain, Sommer has garnered a lot of attention due to her attractive qualities.

She’s not shy about showing off her body and posting sultry photos when needed. Her Instagram account is filled with these photos and to take advantage of them, she created an Only Fans account. The website allows content creators to offer a monthly subscription service to exclusive content. Paid subscribers can access photos and videos that are not publicly available. This has been very popular among content creators who aren’t afraid to show more.

Only Fans has been noted as a very popular site among sex workers and those wishing to submit nude photos. Those who are not comfortable posting this type of content may post sexy photos of glamorous models.

The website has been a way for content creators to earn directly from their fan base and sometimes it allows users to have exclusive access to their favorite creators.

Besides their couple’s Patreon, she also created a solo Patreon account that works the same way as Only Fans. This type of work has caused many to question the status of her relationship with Jon, but it seems that everything she has posted has also been done with her consent.

Private life

Although Ashtyn and Jon have been together since high school, they haven’t married and show no signs of getting married anytime soon. They had a child some time after graduation, and they do their best to keep her out of their online work. She occasionally posts a few photos of their daughter on social networks.

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