What is Burt Young doing today? Net worth, dead or still alive?

Burt Young is a veteran Italian-American actor, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his iconic role in “Rocky” as “Balboa’s” brother-in-law, Paulie Pennino. Burt has starred in all of the “Rocky” movies, as well as many other roles. The actor is still alive, having recently turned 80, and his last role was in the 2019 film “Vault.” He also has a recurring role on the “Russian Doll” series. Although he is one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors, there are many mysteries that aren’t widely known about Burt.

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Read on to find out everything there is to know about him.

Early life and family

Burt was born in Queens, New York, USA on April 30, 1940. When he first started performing, he adopted the stage name Burt Young, but was born as Richard Morea to his parents Micheal and Joséphine Morea.

His father was a teacher who taught industrial arts and is of Italian descent. At the age of 15Burt dropped out of high school to join the US Marine Corps, serving from 1955 to 1957.


Although Burt did not complete his educational career, he later in life received an acting education at the Actor’s Studio, studying dramatic arts under iconic acting coach Lee Strasberg.

It started as a move to impress a young girl Burt liked, but after Lee agreed to coach him, Burt’s acting career took shape.


Burt is a veteran actor who began his career in 1969 and has continued for over five decades, making him a true veteran of the arts. Besides acting, Burt is also a painter and author, with several published works.

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Burt’s first role was a small role as a bartender on the soap opera series “The Doctors.” Following this, in his continued pursuit of art, Burt landed a role in the 1970 film “Carnival of Blood.” The roles did not air after that, but Burt continued to gain publicity over the years. years and had many roles throughout the 70s and 80s.

Some of his most iconic works early in his career include of course the ‘Rocky’ film series.

He also starred in memorable films including “The Killer Elite”, “The Gambler” and “A Summer to Remember”.

His television credits include appearances on shows such as “Miami Vice” and “Airwolf.” His later appearances on 90s and 21st century TV shows include “Law and Order”, “Walker Texas Ranger”, “The Sopranos”, “The Handler” and many more.

Burt’s film credits over the past few years are a long list, but some of the most iconic titles include “The Adventures of Pluto Nash,” “Win, Win” and “The Neighborhood.”

Burt Young

His most recent films include ‘Road to Lemon Grove’, ‘The Brawler’ and ‘Vault’.

Burt has featured over 800 paintings in galleries around the world. Her home in Port Washington is decorated with several paintings of her own, all depicting memories and moments in her life. He also exhibits some of his work on a site dedicated to him.

He is also a published author and screenwriter; some of his works include “Uncle Joe Shannon”, in which he played the lead role, and the screenplay for the movie “Daddy, I Don’t Like This”, in which he also appeared himself.

Burt has also acted in a few plays, including one alongside Robert De Niro called “Cuba and His Teddy Bear”. Others include “A Letter to Alicia”.

At one time he owned a restaurant in the Bronx, New York, but when and what is unknown.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Before becoming an actor, Burt was a professional boxer, having 14 fights and winning them all – why he retired is not known, but maybe he called! He has also worked as a carpet cleaner, salesman and installer.

Sylvester Stallone gave him a Cartier watch in gold as a gift for his participation in the “Rocky” films, which Burt still wears to this day. Burt is also a philanthropist, having raised money for charity during boxing “fights” with the legendary Muhammad Ali.


Burt married Gloria DeLouise in 1961, but his wife of 13 years sadly died in 1974. He has one child with Gloria, Anne Morea, and it is unknown if he has remarried. Burt is the grandfather of Anne’s only child, but his identity has not been revealed.

Physical characteristics

  • Date of birth: April 30, 1940
  • Hair color: Dark brown/grey and balding
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.76m)
  • lester: 180lbs (82kg)
  • Size: Unknown
  • Astrological sign: Taurus
  • Nationality: Italian-American
  • Ethnicity: Italian

Net value

Burt Young’s net worth accumulated over all the years of his long career amounts to an estimated total of $2 million in 2020.

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