Is Amrita Acharia From The Serpent Queen Dating? Norwegian Actress Breaks Down The Role Of Aabis

Amrita Acharia, a Norwegian actress of Nepali and Ukrainian descent, is currently single, although details of her love life are being kept under wraps. Many other reports claim that she is currently not dating anyone.

Nonetheless, according to Celebs Couple, the Kathmandu-born actress has at least been in a relationship before. However, according to Hollywood Life, the Norwegian actress opened up about her role as Aabis on The Serpent Queen TV show.

amrita acharia

amrita acharia

Fast facts

Last name Amrita Acharia
Birth name Amrita Acharya Dunne
Born 1990/1991
Born in Kathmandu, Nepal
Nationality Norwegian
Age 32 or 33 years old
Occupation Actress, Model, Voice Over
Dad Dr. Ganesh Acharya
College/University Academy of Live Recorded Arts
Carrier start At 19 years old
Height 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)
lester 48 kg (106 lbs)
Mother’s occupation Architect
Fathers profession Gynecologist
Marital status Single
Net value $1.5 million

Who is Amrita Acharia in a relationship with?

The most recent character Amrita Acharia portrayed in The Serpent Queen is called Aabis, and it focuses on her time working as a member of Catherine the Great’s staff when the future queen was still a teenager. It has been reported by Hollywood Life that the relationship between Amrita’s character Aabis and the snake queen Catherine is frosty.

According to News 84 Media, Amrita explained, “Aabis is a member of the Ottoman Empire and is a woman of color. She is attractive, which could be dangerous to have a relationship with a less attractive future queen. Her sexuality, physique, and attractiveness make her an interesting character.

Amrita said that the women’s relationships in The Serpent Queen are “based on an attempt to achieve something, whether emotional or political”. It presents intimacy as a chess piece in the game, where it is not only there for the entertainment of viewers or men, but makes it a solid stratagem that you can do in a game.

Actress Amrita Acharia

Actress Amrita Acharia

Facts about Amrita Acharia

Amrita Acharia is an actress, model, and voice-over artist who was born in Nepal but currently resides and maintains most of her career in Hollywood.

According to her Instagram bio, she is physically active and spends her time in the gym as a weightlifter. In her spare time, Amrita likes to work on her physique.

She is a Norwegian actress of Nepali-Ukrainian descent who resided in London with her family for a few years before moving to Norway at the age of 13.

She is currently 35 years old because she was born in Kathmandu to her Nepalese father, a professional gynecologist, and her mother is a Ukrainian architect.

Her parents began seeing each other while her father, Ganesh Acharya, was attending medical school in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Amrita is best known for her role as Irri in the popular HBO series based on the adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, a series of fantasy novels by George RR.

After graduating from high school, the talented actress moved to England, in search of a career in show biz. She enrolled in ALRA to hone her acting skills.

In 2010, she made her television debut in an episode of the medical drama Casualty.

Her performance in the film I Am Yours earned her a nomination for Best Actress at the Norwegian Amanda Awards. She was the main protagonist of the movie she was in.

She has previously participated in the London Marathon and completed the marathon circuit with a time of 03:46:07 in 2016.

Besides being an actress, Kathmandu model, Amrita is an ambassador for the charity Chora Chori. The charity work involves rescuing displaced Nepalese children who have been trafficked from India.

She believes in Hinduism and according to Hindu astrology her zodiac sign is Leo.

She is multilingual and fluent in Ukrainian, English, Russian and Norwegian. However, she does not speak Nepali but is eager to learn.

According to All Famous Birthday, his net worth and assets are estimated to be around $1.5 million. Most of her assets and wealth stem from her successful acting and modeling career. She also promotes brands that pay her generously.

Organic Amrita Acharia

Amrita Acharia, also known as Acharya in Nepali, is a Norwegian actress of Nepali and Ukrainian descent. She is best known for her roles as Irri in the HBO series Game of Thrones and Dr. Ruby Walker in the ITV series The Good Karma Hospital.

Born 1990/1991 (31-32 years old)

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nationality Norwegian
Other names Amrita Acharya Dunne
Occupation Actress
Remarkable work game of thrones
Height 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in)

Early life

The city of Kathmandu in Nepal is the birthplace of Acharia. While attending medical school in Kyiv, his Nepalese gynecologist father fell in love with his Ukrainian architect mother. Her father is now a gynecologist in Nepal. The cities of Kathmandu, Ukraine, England and Norway were all part of Acharia’s childhood. She was born and raised in Nepal for the first seven years of her life before her father’s profession sent the family to England and then back to Norway at the age of 13.

After finishing high school in Norway at the age of 19, Acharia came to England hoping to start an acting career there. She received her training at ALRA.


In the first two seasons of “Game of Thrones,” Acharia appeared on screen as Irri, a Dothraki servant who worked for Daenerys Targaryen. During the second season, her character died. Irri was killed by Doreah, one of the other servants, in a scene that was not included in the broadcast programs (played by Roxanne McKee). After pushing McKee to “go for it” during the scene, Acharia suffered neck bruises the next day.

Acharia played a lead role in the BBC’s unique Christmas show Lapland which took place in 2011.

Additionally, she appeared in the biographical film The Devil’s Double playing the role of a young student.

Acharia played the lead role in the Norwegian feature film “I Am Yours”, and for her performance in this role, she was nominated for Best Actress at the Amanda Awards in Norway. The film will represent Norway in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars.

In the Norwegian TV series Frikjent, Acharia made an appearance in 2016 playing the role of the public prosecutor. (acquitted)

Her role as Dr Ruby Walker on the ITV series The Good Karma Hospital began in 2017 and she continues to play the role to this day. In the role, Acharia plays a young doctor working for the National Health Service in the UK who, after experiencing stress at work and problems in her personal life, decides to apply for a job at a public hospital in the state. South Indian from Kerala (although the show was filmed in Sri Lanka rather than India). Due to her work in the role, she was considered for a nomination in the Best Dramatic Performance category at the 2019 National Television Awards.

British psychological thriller Welcome to Curiosity is said to be the world’s first film to be fully crowdfunded, and she is starring in the production. The crowdfunding helped the creators raise a total of £200,000. It tells four interrelated stories and revolves around a serial killer’s escape from prison.

Private life

In 2016, Acharia finished the London Marathon in 3 hours 46 minutes and 7 seconds.

She is an ambassador for ChoraChori, which means she promotes the organization’s mission to rescue Nepali children living in India who have been displaced or trafficked. She is fluent in Norwegian, English, Russian and her mother tongue Ukrainian. She is unable to communicate in Nepali, but she said she intended to study the language.

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