‘Maybe something like Wonder Woman in the Avengers’: Gal Gadot keen on having DC Marvel crossover after The Rock teases potential future

Gal Gadot appeared in several DC films after making her superhero debut as wonder woman in 2016 Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. She appeared in two solo films and then in Justice League movies. The actress first gained recognition after starring in the Fast and Furious series. Since then, she has worked in numerous films, playing versatile roles, one of which includes wonder woman.

Gal Gadot in Red Notice (2021).
Gal Gadot in Red Notice

After starring as a superhero in DCEU, Gal Gadot returns with a Disney movie. Actress plays Evil Queen Grimhilde in Disney’s White as snow live action movie. It would be the first time that she would play such a role. Gal Gadot has also stated in her interviews that this role is unlike anything she has done before.

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Gal Gadot on a potential DC-Marvel crossover

Gal Gadot has joined Expo D23 2022 for her upcoming Disney film, White as snow. The actress opened up about her role in the film and also expressed interest in a crossover between DC and Marvel superheroes.

Gal Gadot in Death on the Nile (2022).
Gal Gadot

When asked if working with Disney potentially opens the door for him to work with Marvel. Responding to the question, Gal Gadot said,“Maybe we can do something like, Wonder Woman Appears in The Avengers and the Avengers Appear in Wonder Woman.”

She further said, “I’m open. I’m all about love and I love my friends in both DC and Marvel. So we’ll see.

Speaking about her role in Snow White, she described it as an amazing and delightful experience. Gal Gadot said she enjoyed every moment of playing the character.

Fan reaction to Gal Gadot’s statement

Seeing fans react to Gal Gadot’s statement, her last words in the interview seem to come true. As her interview with Access ended at Expo D23, the wonder woman said the star laughing, “Now people will come to me.”

Well, they did not hesitate to do so, the reactions to his statement are not at all attractive. Many starlight up fans refused to see wonder woman in a crossover if that ever happens. Those who agreed with the idea declined to see Gadot in a crossover.

However, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a DC and Marvel crossover anytime soon, but this isn’t the first time a DC actor has spoken about a potential crossover between two superhero universes.

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Dwayne Johnson Hopes For A DC Marvel Crossover

Dwayne Johnson, who has been busy with his next movie The Black Adam, said he hoped for several spin-offs from his film. He also said he’s ready for a possible Marvel-DC crossover one day.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

He shared that he’s optimistic about movies, and especially about DC’s superheroes and villains. He also said, “Across the street we have Marvel’s pantheon of superheroes and supervillains. To me, not only can they exist but they should, in my mind, cross paths one day.

Is a DC and Marvel crossover possible?

Whether there will be a crossover between DC and Marvel can only be answered by the two studios of the respective films. If we look at the comics, there are certain instances where DC and Marvel superheroes have been seen in a single volume.

Is a Marvel vs DC crossover possible
Is a Marvel vs DC crossover possible

The first crossing took place between Spider Man and Superman in comics in 1976. After that, the two companies came together to release a comic book miniseries featuring a Marvel and DC crossover from April to May 1996.

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