Secret Invasion: Olivia Colman is the direct descendant of a Howling Commando from Captain America: The First Avenger, fans are convinced she has changed her gender

Everything on Secret Invasion is nothing short of exciting – from the scale of the threat the Skrulls pose to Earth and humanity, to the seriousness of the entire series (from what we’ve seen in the new tape- announcement which dropped a few days ago), not to mention the star cast for the show which includes many notable names.

One of the most notable members of the ensemble includes Olivia Colman, a brilliant English actor whose performances in The crown & The favourite earned him a deserved spot in the MCU’s latest TV series in Phase 5. But who is the peep show the actress who is really playing in the next television series?

Secret Invasion Fandom Wire
Colman in The favourite

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Olivia Colman’s Secret Invasion Character Is Tied To Captain America

The release of the first trailer of Secret Invasion showed us a Marvel TV series that looks very promising, starring big names like Olivia Colman and Emilia Clarke in the MCU.

Colman’s character, whose name is Sonya Falsworth, seems to be good friends with Nick Fury as she warns Fury about his unpreparedness to fight the Skrulls, as shown in the trailer.

Secret Invasion Fandom Wire
Colman as Sonya Falsworth in Secret Invasion trailer

This image from the official trailer confirms that Sonya Falsworth is a direct descendant of James Montgomery Falsworth, a British officer (he’s Union Jack in the comics, who also fought the Skrulls). He fought alongside Captain America during World War II as part of the elite combat unit called the Howling Commandos in Captain America: The First Avenger.

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It has also been reported by an insider named Daniel Richtman that Sonya Falsworth is the head of MI13, a British intelligence agency concerned with various “strange” cases in the UK.

The last detail makes sense considering the Skrulls are an alien entity, and she also appears to help Nick Fury in his fight against the Skrulls in the trailer. Will the characters of Jackon and Colman succeed in foiling the plans of the Skrulls? Or is she one herself? We can only know when the series will be released.

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Fans are convinced Sonya Falsworth is a gender-swapped Union Jack

Olivia Colman’s character, although her name is Sonya Falsworth and is a former ally of Nick Fury, is rumored to be a gender-swapped version of the Union Jack, and fans are in for it. convinced.

Secret Invasion Fandom Wire
Colman posing for a photo

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Fans are absolutely thrilled to secret invasion, and we all are. With the revelation of Colman’s character’s last name being Falsworth, fans are totally convinced that she will be the new Union Jack and that’s only reasonable considering the first two Union Jacks were also Falsworths. Here’s Twitter speculating-

A gender-swapped Union Jack-

Too early to confirm mate-

You will finally be able to see the character! –

Although there is no official confirmation of the presence of Union Jack in secret invasion, it would be quite interesting to see the British superhero (the first of the three Union Jacks was raw skill and power) come to life in the TV series.

Secret Invasion will premiere in early 2023 with six episodes on Disney+.

Source: Twitter direct

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