‘Thank you for creating such a breathtaking film’

Jodi Benson, the voice associated with a character who sends us all on a trip down memory lane, has voiced her incredible support for Halle Bailey’s portrayal of Ariel in Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of The little Mermaid. Being someone who brought the same character to life in Disney’s 1989 animated adventure, Benson quickly recognizes a talented soul when she sees one.

Halle Bailey's Ariel
Halle Bailey’s Ariel

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Bailey’s portrayal of the ever-iconic Disney Princess has recently drawn racist remarks from trolls in the online sphere. In the midst of such a disheartening situation, Jodi Benson posted a heartwarming message to congratulate the young singer and actress for precisely summing up what it means to be Ariel.

Jodi Benson’s congratulatory message for Halle Bailey

Jodi Benson Praises Halle Bailey's The Little Mermaid
Jodi Benson praises Halle Bailey

At the fan-awaited D23 Expo, people were rewarded with an official trailer for Bailey’s next star. While many received a barrage of complaints at first sight – from some people pointing out the monotony of the scenes to others scrutinizing the 22-year-old singer’s portrayal – Benson, who was the original voice of Ariel, came to the rescue.

Speaking to Instagram Stories, Jodi Benson had the following to comment on:

“Halle, you were absolutely amazing! I’m so proud of you and your performance as Ariel. It was so wonderful to celebrate with your family here [at D23 Expo].”

On top of that, the 60-year-old actress and singer expressed her unreserved enthusiasm and said how “happy” and “excited” she was for the long-awaited live-action premise. Additionally, Benson thanked director Rob Marshall, with whom she shares a 35-year friendship. She expressed her gratitude to Marshall, praising him for creating a “Amazing movie.”

Halle Bailey
Halle Bailey

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Previously, Halle Bailey had pointed out how much the role of Disney Princess really means to her. She recounted an experience to explain the huge impact The little Mermaid reboot had on it; how after completing the filming process, she broke down in tears. According to the singer, all the effort “amended” his life.

Jodi Benson defended Halle Bailey from the start

Halle Bailey's Friendship Jodi Benson The Little Mermaid
The two share a mutual admiration

In 2019, at the Florida Supercon, Jodi Benson had defended the casting choice made by Disney, which had caused quite a stir at the time. A #NotMyAriel hashtag had surfaced in the internet realms. The toy story alum, to put things to rest, had pointed out the importance of storytelling in the world and how a medium that relies on such stories shouldn’t dwell on the details of who is playing a role.

She also said that what really matters is “the spirit of a character.”

Halle Bailey
The little Mermaid (2023)

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Therefore, Benson’s endorsement is nothing new. She showed her unwavering encouragement from the very beginning. Hopefully, the blatant complaints about Bailey’s Ariel will stop over time. Jumping on the bandwagon of blind hate demoralizes the attempts of the cast and crew involved in making the 2023 live-action adaptation. Halle Bailey’s true potential as a very famous mermaid princess will be revealed very soon.

The little Mermaid will be released in theaters on May 26, 2023.

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