What is the night watch? Was Daemon Targaryen one of them?

“Night falls, and now my watch begins. It will only end when I die. I will take no wife, own no lands, beget no children. I will wear no crowns and I will not gain any glory. I will live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watchman on the walls. I am the shield that protects the kingdoms of men. I pledge my life and my honor to the Night Watch, for tonight and all nights to come.

Remember that oath, yes it is the oath of a Night Watch. Throughout Game of Thrones and House of the Dragons, we’ve heard whispers and mentions of Night’s Watch. It is known that John snow in his early years was sent to Night Watch, as well as Daemon Targaryen who was ordered to join the city guard of Kings Landing on the orders of his brother who robbed him or his coin master ranks.

Night shift in Game of Thrones

But what exactly is Night’s Watch and why was Daemon fired and ordered to join the ranks? Let’s find out.

What is Night Watch?

The Night’s Watch are an order of dedicated warriors sworn to protect the Seven Kingdoms from the threats that linger outside the Wall, the massive barrier that marks the northern border of human domains.

The origins of the Brotherhood date back to the Age of Heroes, during which the Others were finally driven back. The soldiers of the Night’s Watch are called “dark brothers” because of their all-black uniform. Members of the Watch are known to “go black” when enlisting.

The wall in Game of Thrones

The force basically consists of 3 departments, Rangers are responsible for fighting, defending the barrier and patrolling the haunted forest; the builders are responsible for maintaining the wall as well as the fortresses, and the quartermasters are responsible for providing food and supplies to the soldiers of the Night’s Watch.

Has Prince Daemon been sent to watch?

Demon Targaryen in House of Dragon

Many fans are unsure if the rogue prince was part of Night’s Watch or not. No demons have ever been sent back to join the Night’s Watch. Instead, his brother Viserys ordered him to join the Town Watch which is a syndicate of soldiers tasked with protecting King’s Landing.

Daemon was Master of Mint until 104 AD, then Master of Laws for six months. Nevertheless, Daemon was unimpressed with the administration process, and the prince’s attitude made him an adversary to Ser. Otto High Tower, who also served as Viserys’ hand and had persuaded King Viserys to dismiss the prince from the small council. Commander of the King’s Landing City Watch, Daemon quickly rose through the ranks and remained there for two years, much to Otto’s dismay. With 2,000 men under his control, Daemon’s influence only grew.

Many City Watch regulars were won over by Daemon’s charisma, and he was able to get them better weapons and training as a result. Because he outfitted each soldier with a yellow coat, this unit quickly became known as the Gold Coats. Under Daemon’s leadership, crime dropped dramatically, possibly due to his penchant for harsh punishments for petty criminals.

Targaryen Demon and Golden Cloak

Daemon became well known among the underworld of Flea Bottom, including crooks, whores, and gamblers, where he gained a sleazy reputation. He met a whore Mysaire, or “Misery” as his opponents called him. Daemon proclaimed himself “Prince of the Town”, but he was really considered “Lord Flea Bottom” by the people of King’s Landing.

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