‘It’s really despicable’: Amber Heard fans accuse Johnny Depp fans of crossing a line after nursing student uses Amber Heard memes for ‘mock pain scale’ victims of troll abuse

Similar to the OG Simpson trial, Depp v. Heard has become a legal phenomenon as she has everyone glued to their phone screens waiting to see who wins. The case was the result of an opinion piece written by Amber Heard, which was later taken to court by Johnny Depp, alleging defamation.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp sued for defamation claiming $50 million in damages.

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Johnny Depp had argued that the opinion piece caused him to lose his most important franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean, which also caused him a huge financial loss. In response to Johnny Depp’s lawsuit, Amber Heard filed a counterclaim worth $100 million in damages.

The aftermath of the Depp v. hearing

In the end, Johnny Depp was awarded $10.35 million, cumulative for compensatory and punitive damages while Amber Heard was awarded $2 million. This result shocked many legal experts as they believed he had less chance of winning in the US trial than the UK one.

Amber Heard
The popularity of the trial has resulted in a film adaptation of it which is in development.

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But events at court mattered little to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor because he won the battle that mattered most, the court of public opinion. There has been a shift in public opinion believing in the innocence of Johnny Depp and the cruelty of Amber Heard, this has also resulted in a plethora of memes.

Fans are calling the meme mocking Amber Heard vile

From a photo tweeted by @liliandaisiesa nursing student who was tasked with preparing a ‘fictional pain scale’, used footage of Amber Heard from the trial to indicate levels of trauma and pain experienced by the victim and was criticized for having derided her testimony about abuse and rape.

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Many Twitter users joined in the criticism, calling the scale evil, sadisticand unbelievably cruel”. The post gets even worse with its description as the op amusedly promoted it and comically captioned it “This is so awesome!!!”.

Amber Heard
Many rumors suggest that Amber Heard was fired from Aquaman 2 after the end of the case.

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It’s fairly common to troll celebrities and controversial people on Twitter, but for doctors, using it and ridiculing victims raises serious concerns. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, treating victims of domestic violence and rape with indifference is a step too far.

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