‘It’s terrifying, but also exhilarating’: Margot Robbie defends her work with abusive director David O. Russell on ‘Amsterdam’, cast members dispel rumors of her on-set antics

A series of controversial accusations against director David O. Russell’s allegedly volatile, unpredictable and verbally abusive tactics have dominated the headlines over the past two decades.

Needless to say, the filmmaker has earned a notorious reputation among film connoisseurs and industry pundits. Known for having physical feuds with George Clooney and bringing tears to Amy Adams, the director was recently praised by cast members for his upcoming project, amsterdam.

Amsterdam (2022) directed by David O. Russell
Amsterdam (2022)

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Besides his rude and little-known attitude towards industry players, the director also faced a searing backlash when it was discovered that his niece had filed a sexual assault complaint against him in 2011. David O. Russell he himself had admitted to having done so in the police report. The case, however, was dropped.

While the cast’s unwitting ignorance of David O. Russell’s infamous on-set and off-set behavioral tendencies has disappointed and angered many, the talents involved have made matters worse by singing the song of praise. to ward off any form of suspicion or disbelief.

The 2022 film features a powerful cast of prominent Hollywood personalities like Margot Robbie, Christian Bale, John David Washington, Anya Taylor-Joy, Robert De Niro, and more. The effort also includes the remarkable and ever so famous singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift.

Margot Robbie’s experience with David O. Russell

Margot Robbie details her experience with David O. Russell

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The five-time Oscar nominee was intriguingly praised by the cast members of amsterdam at the film’s world premiere recently held in New York. Interestingly enough, most of the statements seem to have pointed out how working with the director can be rather difficult.

Leaving aside the obscure nature of the compliments, Margot Robbie alludes to the director’s unpredictability, where filming becomes both ” creepy “ and “exhilarating.” It should be noted that of the actors who have shown a recent association with the controversial director, Robbie seems to have garnered the most backlash. People also resorted to calling her a hypocrite.

Margot Robbie potter head
Margot Robbie

Here is Margot Robbie’s full statement regarding her on-set filming experiences with David O. Russell:

“It’s terrifying, but also exhilarating, and puts you in a place where you can find a part of yourself as an artist that you’ve never tapped into before.”

Describing an experience as terrifying is indeed quite empowering. While Robbie’s comment appears to have been a subtle nod to the intensity of the director’s work ethic, it also seems to broadly defend the filmmaker. While people wouldn’t expect anyone to speak ill of anyone at an official premiere, such statements justify the growing discontent of the masses.

How Other Cast Members Tried To Eliminate The Rumors

Andrea Riseborough and Mike Myers
Andrea Riseborough and Mike Myers

Besides Robbie, other notable actors and actresses have developed their personal opinions regarding David O. Russell. Andrea Riseborough asserted, “David shoots a rocket in the ass, creatively.” Meanwhile, Mike Myers, who plays Paul in the film, had nothing but cheers for the director. Calling the filmmaker a “author”Myers has attempted to dispel the rumors plaguing the reputation of Russell’s professional practices.

Here’s how the actor described the on-set unity shared by the cast members. amsterdam cast:

“An amazing safe space where I felt like I could walk through a wall.”

Michael Shannon, sharing a similar perspective on the matter, said how the talks he would have with Russell would increase to the amount of pleasure he usually gets from “to do work”. To justify his affection and respect for the filmmaker, he drew comparisons with another legendary icon in cinematic history, German director Warner Herzog. Shannon also worked with the latter.

Michael Shannon
Michael Shannon

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While several people in the cast of amsterdam have taken a liking to the director’s eccentric and volatile style, others in the past have attested that working with David O. Russell has been an emotionally draining experience. George Clooney, in an interview in 2000, said that working with the famous filmmaker was “without exception, the worst experience” of his life.

As amsterdam The elders continue to support the director despite his notoriety, the denunciation expressed towards David O. Russell reaches new heights.

Whether or not the film’s release will manage to counter the ever-increasing criticism remains to be seen. However, as most have stated on Twitter and other platforms, enjoying the successful premise of the Russell-led effort is in jeopardy in the face of such daunting accusations.

amsterdam is slated for release on October 7, 2022.

Source: Vanity Fair

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