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Lara Amersey Husband – Is She Married? 5 Facts About The Actress


Over 20 years of Lara Amersey’s career has been spent working in the film, television and advertising industries. She always devotes her whole heart to making contributions in the field. The next paragraph will go into more detail regarding the actress.

His successful career in children’s television led to a successful adult career, which included 52 episodes as the lead on the YTV series Monster Warriors and numerous other credits on the Family Channel and Nickelodeon networks. His adult career also included a successful business venture.

The film “Christmas in Toyland” will be one of his most recent and upcoming projects. It tells the story of a toy store data analyst who, just before Christmas, frantically tries to save the jobs of hundreds of people in an effort to recreate the feeling of being there in person.

Lara’s biggest and most lasting contribution to date is her role in the TV series Monster Warriors. The show is a deliberately campy mix of Power Rangers and Ghostbusters, and it follows the adventures of four teenagers as they try to protect Capital City from the wrath of a crazed, dissatisfied old B-Movie filmmaker named Klaus Von Steinhauer, who has the power to bring his monsters to life. The program has been translated and presented in a large number of languages ​​around the world.

She gave the performance of Vanka, a powerful and athletic young woman, who is interested in ancient rituals and battles. She is the bravest of the Warriors and practices esoteric forms of martial arts with unwavering devotion. The brunette is tough, strong and practically fearless; however, she has a particular fear of heights, has had a string of unsatisfying relationships, and has failed her driving test multiple times.

Lara Amersey

Lara Amersey

Some facts about Lara Amersey

Full name Lara Amersey
Birthday November 13, 1984
Age 37 years
Place of birth Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nationality canadian
Occupation Actress
active years 2003–present

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Husband of Lara Amersey: is she married?

Lara Amersey is married to a man named Alex Jordan. Besides that, he works in the entertainment industry.

Her husband has worked in the film and television industries for over twenty years and has put his talents to use on a wide range of projects during that time. Alex served as Production Manager for the TV shows Rogue, Nikita and Transporter. Additionally, he is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC).

In his most recent role, he served as producer for all five seasons of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful television series Private Eyes. Additionally, he has collaborated on film projects with well-known actors such as Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria, Heather Graham, and Forrest Whitaker, among others.

In addition to producing the upcoming first season of Mayor of Kingstown for Paramount+, which stars Jeremy Renner, Alex is promoting the international co-production Between Waves, which hit theaters this summer and was financed by Telefilm.

On October 21, 2022, the couple will commemorate their tenth wedding anniversary with a party. The actress delighted her fans by posting a sweet photo of her and her husband along with a heartfelt caption: “A few days ago my wife and I commemorated our 10th wedding anniversary with a glass of wine each as we tucked our kids to bed. However, tonight is the night we’re going to get it right. Cheers to another million AJ love moments! #mylove”

Lara and her husband gave birth to two babies. His son is called Joy and in March he turned eight. His birthday is in March.

Her children are featured quite frequently on her Instagram account. It’s clear that she takes her role as a mother very seriously, as evidenced by the fact that she acknowledges her motherhood in the bio section of her Instagram account.

She returned to acting after a five-year hiatus during which she focused on raising her two children. Her desire and determination to pursue an acting career was only strengthened by this setback.

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5 facts about actress Lara Amersey

Lara Amersey Age and height:

At that time, Lara Amersey was 37 years old. The actress was born on November 13, 1984 in the city of Montreal, located in the province of Quebec, Canada. Her family is originally from South Asia, but she was born and raised in Canada. She received her training in history as well as in art history at the University of Toronto. Height wise, she averages 5 feet and 1 inch tall.

Professional career of Lara Amersey:

2003 marked the start of Lara’s career in the film industry, and it was a Stridex commercial that opened many doors for her. Over the next few years, she was featured in advertisements for 7Up, Coca-Cola and American Express. The following year, she was given a role on the popular children’s show Radio Free Roscoe, which served as the springboard for the rest of her acting career and continues to be the role for which she is best known. Since then, she has appeared as a guest star in episodes such as “Life with Derek”, in which she played the role of “Lucy”, and “Overruled”, in which she played the role of “Rory Jablonski “, in addition to the short films “Hate”, “Rose” and “Red Velvet Girls”. Besides that, she wrote episodes of Warehouse 13 and Flashpoint.

Lara Amersey has a good time with her husband

Lara Amersey has a good time with her husband

Lara is not just an actress:

Lara has also discovered that she has a knack for writing, and she is currently working on adapting a number of different stories about mothers and wives for the big screen. The success of her short film “Reject”, which she wrote and directed, won her a screenplay award. Lara has starred in a variety of leading and supporting roles over the past few years. She has also expanded her creative portfolio by combining her experience as a sommelier in Toronto with the “Wine and Cheeseburger” online series produced by Thrillist.

Lara Amersey is active on the Instagram social media platform. Her social media accounts are the main way she interacts with the people who follow her. Additionally, the actress is very active on social media, and she frequently posts photos of her family, which includes her husband and children. She had over a thousand people following her on Instagram at the time this article was written. Additionally, she remembers her late mother in the post she shared on Instagram. In one of her posts, she opened up about the loss of her mother, writing, “My life took a left turn six years ago, and after that, nothing was ever the same. I think of you all the time, mom; I need you to keep an eye on my siblings and me. We can be absolutely certain that if Lara’s mother had been there to see all the things her daughter has achieved, she would have been thrilled and proud of her daughter. Lara misses her mother terribly.

You can find her on Instagram:

Working closely with Jordan Entertainment as associate producer, Lara’s on-camera experience has grown. She is very excited about her upcoming creative projects and the possibilities of telling a variety of different and original stories. The film and television industries in Canada would not be the same without the actress’ contribution.

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