CelebrityMeet Cobra Kai's Jacob Bertrand Parents: Scott Bertrand, Christina...

Meet Cobra Kai’s Jacob Bertrand Parents: Scott Bertrand, Christina Bertrand


The supportive parents of Cobra Kai’s Jacob Bertrand, Scott and Christina Bertrand, have shared their thoughts on the fifth season of the popular Netflix series.

He opened up about how thrilled his character Hawk was to get his trademark mohawk back in an exclusive pop culture chat.

Although his hair was a stylistic choice, it set him apart from the rest of the group and said a lot about his wild but heartless character. His six inch height increase helped him intimidate his opponents, which is important for karate players.

Fans’ mouths fell when Tanner Buchanan’s Robby, who played the character, shaved his hair during a conversation about his confidence in the previous season. But after winning the All-Valley Tournament without him, things came full circle.

People approached him outside of filming locations to celebrate his unexpected win, showing how the character touched them. He laughed at the encounter and was proud of himself for getting more exposure.

Moreover, the fifth season promised more drama than ever and received a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is an impossible feat. The most recent episodes will be available on Netflix from September 9.



Quick info:

Last name Jacques-Bertrand
Born March 6, 2000
Age 22 years old
Occupation Actor
Parents Scott and Christine Bertrand
Brothers and sisters Blake and Makenna Bertrand

Some FAQs

Did Jacob Bertrand and Peyton List date?

In 2022, Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand officially announced their relationship. Fans of the pair admired them.

Who is the Mohawk Kid in Cobra Kai?

The Mohawk Kid was portrayed by Jacob Bertrand in Cobra Kai. In the same television series, Ralph Macchio played Daniel LaRusso.

How old is Jacob Bertrand?

In 2022, Jacob Bertrand will be 22 years old. On March 6, 2000, Jacob was born to his parents in the United States.

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Cobra Kai’s Jacob Bertrand Parents: Scott Bertrand, Christina Bertrand

Jacob Bertrand, a Cobra Kai actor, was born on March 6, 2000 to loving parents Scott and Christina Bertrand.

Jacob made sure to let his audience know they were there when he blogged about a hilarious night in 2015 when the family found out their mum was terrible at playing Monopoly, despite not being too fond of show their face.

The clan has always been tight-knit, only exchanging ideas behind closed doors. As they carried him to each audition and stayed until the end of the scenes, they were the ones who gave him the initial impetus to start performing.

While he was always fond of outdoor sports like basketball and swimming, his love for the arts led him to try his hand at singing and dancing. Some reports also mention that he played competitively for nine years on the school football team before making acting his main priority.

Peyton list of Jacob Bertrand’s girlfriend

American actor Jacob Bertrand, 22, recently announced that he and Cobra Kai actress Peyton List have started dating.

They first met on the set of the show, when he was a regular cast member and she played Tori Nichols.

When they appeared arm in arm at movie premieres, rumors started to spread, but they didn’t have the courage to deny them. The suspicious birthday messages raised suspicion because the captions hinted at more than just friendship.

When the infamous TMZ paparazzi photographed them together at Los Angeles International Airport in March this year, the internet was rocked.

Since they had to corroborate the facts, there was no point in trying to hide their relationship since the cat was already out of the bag. The actor admitted that they had been seeing each other for a while because they had just entered into a serious relationship.

Jacob blushed when he mentioned that they had had a good time trying and making up for it, but his satisfaction knew no bounds. Since he was close to his brother Spencer, they started out as friends before he abruptly admitted he had a thing for his sister.

Additionally, dating is best when people are in their 20s because of the unprecedented familiarity that comes with knowing someone since adolescence.

His fiancée, who is aware of the ramifications of dating an actor, let alone a costar, hoped the revelations wouldn’t get awkward in the meantime.

Although they tend to keep to themselves, he shared some intimate moments on his Instagram account.

But it wasn’t her first public romance; in early 2017, he also had a relationship with Serena Pullen. They coexisted for about five years before mending their quiescences.

Cobra Kai co-stars Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand finally confirm they're dating

Cobra Kai co-stars Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand finally confirm they’re dating

The net worth and career of Jacob Bertrand

Despite being in his twenties, American actor Jacob Bertrand has a net worth of up to $2 million.

When he was young, he landed a small role in the 2008 film House, which marked the start of his career in show business. At just eight years old, he was cast in numerous commercials, movies, and TV shows following the popularity of his first appearance.

Then Nickelodeon called him, asking him to provide the voice of Gil in the Bubble Guppies cartoon. Similar to that, he had a supporting role in an episode of the NBC comedy Community and Parks Recreation.

When he was cast to play Jack Malloy in the 2016 Disney original film The Swap, he returned to the children’s channel.

He appeared in the 2018 season of the YouTube Premium/Netflix TV series Cobra Kai, which may have been the role that really cemented his reputation. The recognizable plot is a sequel to The Karate Kid, which debuted on YouTube Red before being picked up by Netflix after two seasons.

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, the original aces, returned, guaranteeing a boost in viewership as the plot picked up 34 years after the first films.

Additionally, he expanded his career beyond acting in 2015 when he launched a Youtube channel which has attracted around 80,000 members. He regularly posts behind-the-scenes footage from the play as he diligently prepared for his role.

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Personal life of Jacob Bertrand

Netflix artist Jacob Bertrand may not be comfortable talking about his personal life, but he has an adorable pet.

He also spoke openly about his four years of teaching martial arts from the age of eight to twelve. After being bullied for years, starting in his elementary school years when they hated his looks, he made the decision to learn self-defense.

He became furious with the lowlifes as they had no justification for making his life so miserable, and the incident left him scarred for life.

He had to be the best, so preparing for the play was difficult for him and the rest of the cast.

He is a staunch philanthropist and has been involved in charity fundraising events since the age of 15, so his big heart should never be underestimated. His favorite causes include raising money for cancer patients and educating people about HIV as he will do anything to bring attention to the issue.

You can connect with him on social media, where he has nearly three million followers under the username thejacobbertrand on Instagram.

The platform serves as a daily diary of his life, where he shared his love of the outdoors, his love of skiing, his suffering and his desire to travel whenever possible.

Who are the siblings of Jacob Bertrand, Blake and Makenna Bertrand?

Being one of three children, Jacob Bertrand was raised by his sister Makenna and brother Blake. Blake Bertrand was also Jacob’s mentor.

After he was born on March 6, 2000, they treated him like a new toy and taught him everything they knew.

Indeed, both had a profound impact on his life as he showed early acting talent. Contrary to popular opinion, he wasn’t inspired by watching TV shows or action movies; instead, it came from a bit closer to home.

He simply followed in his older sister’s footsteps as she spoke of her desire to appear in films. In their spare time, the two would date as their age differences didn’t bother them.

Brother Blake, who had previously worked in the field for 15 years and made appearances on daytime dramas Criminal Minds and How I Met Your Mother, was not far behind.

In addition, he likes to ride bicycles with his brother and play guitar in his spare time.

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