‘We’re starting to get a little worried now, sweetie’: As Don’t Worry Darling gets a forgettable 35% rating on RT, WB’s future now literally hangs on The Rock’s Black Adam

For Warner Bros. Company, 2022 has not been a good year, let alone profitable. With only two films to make — don’t worry darling and black adam – for the rest of the year, the production house is on the brink of ruin, both qualitatively and by reputation, as it watches over the seismic change unfolding within the walls of Warner Bros. Discovery. In the meantime, the outside world has decidedly given up on any hope of the production house delivering a theatrical masterpiece anytime soon.

black adam
Warner Bros. is looking to save face in his latest attempt with black adam

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Warner Bros. stop trying his strategy of pleasing people

With the number of scandals that have rocked WB over the past two years, it would be understandable for an organization and its leadership to go into rehabilitation. However, the production house did the exact opposite, whether it was a statement of strength or just a show of mindless bravado. On closer inspection, it appears the company had no choice but to go ahead with its slash-and-burn plan. As they say, the only way out is to pass.

don't worry darling
by Olivia Wilde don’t worry darling fails to impress critics

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The arrival of David Zaslav was an all or nothing strategy. The elusive man at the top who made all the hard calls has given the company a chance to restructure and reorient itself since April 2022. Logistically, projects have had to be halted, budgets have had to be cut and people had to be undermined for WB to stand a chance of resurrection. As such, the only two options left to run were Olivia Wilde’s non-runner, don’t worry darlingand the DCEU anti-hero movie, black adam.

The crowd seeks redemption in black adam After DWD

With the horribly wrong cast from production house Warner Bros., it seems like the aftershocks keep happening until there’s nothing left. Starting with the controversies surrounding Ezra Miller, Amber Heard, JK Rowling, the sidelining of bat girlthe reduction of HBO Max programs, the step away from Snyder Justice Leagueand the three-way mess between Olivia Wilde, Shia LaBeouf and Florence Pugh, there’s just been a harem of incidents for WB damage control to take care of at an accelerated pace.

don't worry darling
don’t worry darling hammers the final nail into WB’s coffin

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don’t worry darling was supposed to be one of two theatrical releases remaining on the WB launch slate for 2022. Seemingly harmless at first, the DWD the drama surfaced in the weeks leading up to the film’s release. With the scandals getting uglier day by day, the publicity worked in favor of the promotion of the film as the drama got more attention than the trailer of the film. But don’t worry darling failed to live up to the hype promised by the trailer and the salt on the wound was its 35% rating on review website Rotten Tomatoes.

Now the only saving grace for Warner Bros. is the superhero action movie, black adam. With a slated for release in October, the film’s studio and cast still have time to recover just enough of its strength to overcome the embarrassment of Don’t worry honey. The crowd’s disappointment is also palpable enough at this point not to be a deciding factor in making or breaking the WB edifice. The company’s only hope of saving face now hinges on The Rock’s highly anticipated film and being forgotten by the crowd following a strong box office delivery.

don’t worry darling in theaters September 23, 2022. black adam premieres on October 21, 2022.

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