Who is the manipulator Larys Strong in House Of The Dragon?

House of the Dragon Episode 5 saw Queen Alicent decide that her loyalty lay with House Hightower instead of House Targaryen. She even has wore a green dress signifying this change upon the wedding of Princess Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor Velaryon. This was caused by several chained events. One of the conversations that influenced her was with Lord Larys Strong.

Lord Larys Strong in House of the Dragon episode 5

Lord Larys Strong talks to Queen Alicent Hightower in House of the Dragon

Son of Lyonel Strong, the Hand of the King, Lord Larys Strong finally gives him some on-screen moments during episode 5 of House of the Dragon. He has a conversation with Queen Alicent in Godswood that changes the course of events in the series. Lord Larys expresses his dismay at seeing Otto Hightower leaving the Red Keep in such a hurry. He hints that he knows almost all the secrets and rumors of King’s Landing. He says, “When you’re never asked to speak, you learn instead to… observe. Noticing that Queen Alicent has become lonely and without allies in the Red Keep, he offers her support and companionship.

He slyly changes the subject of the conversation to Rhaenyra in order to raise the question of her well-being. It is then that he mentions the Moon Tea which Grand Maester Mellos himself had personally served Rhaenyra in his chambers under King Viserys. He also reminds her that it was the same night Prince Daemon returned from the Stepstones. Naturally, this casts doubt in Queen Alicent’s mind as she begins to wonder if Rhaenyra had lied to her about her purity. This simple comment upset the entire royal family and led to the Dance of the Dragons.

Who is Larys Strong?

Larys Strong is the little finger of House of the Dragon

Lord Larys Strong is lord of House Strong and Harrenhal. He is an extremely cunning, wise and intelligent man. In fact, fans have dubbed him the Littlefinger from House of the Dragon due to his manipulative and opportunistic nature. As seen in the fifth episode, he walks with a limp. This is because he was born with a crooked foot, which led to him being called clubfoot. However, it should not be underestimated. Lord Larys prefers to listen and observe. When he speaks very rarely, he leaves an everlasting impact as clearly seen in the previous episode. He’s mostly a friendless man but he’s very convincing and enigmatic when needed.

Lord Larys Strong displays his knowledge in House of the Dragon episode 5 when Queen Alicent enters the red dungeon hall wearing a green dress at the wedding of Princess Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor Velaryon. He tells his brother harwin strong about how Oldtown’s Hightower turns green when they declare war.

His goals or endgame in manipulating Queen Alicent seems pretty uncertain, except maybe he just wanted to stir the pot. It could also be that he didn’t deem Rhaenyra fit for the Iron Throne, either due to misogyny and patriarchy, or because of the rumor about her and Daemon. However, later, during the Dance of the Dragons, he chooses to side with Aegon II and becomes a loyal and fierce ally of the Greens. This is mainly because he despised Rhaenyra for tarnishing House Strong’s reputation with his scandal involving his brother Ser Harwin Strong.

How important will it be in the future?

Her role in Dance of the Dragons in the future

Lord Larys Strong will be a very important character in the future. He will be part of the small council called after The Death of King Viserys by Queen Alicent. There, he will form a blood pact with the rest of Aegon’s followers. He will even compile a list of the members of the tribunal who have always supported Rhaenyra. Eventually, he becomes the whisperer master for Aegon II Targaryen. Lord Larys also served as Lord Confessor who is basically the royal torturer. Although he was primarily a man of spirit, it is also rumored that he resorted to humble deeds. This is seen in the rumor that he set fire to Harrenhal. This fire killed both Lyonel and Harwin Strong. And so he became Lord of Harrenhal.

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