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Antara Srivatsava is a director who has acquired great notoriety in India. She is the daughter of famous politician, comedian and actor Raju Srivatsava who also has a reputation as a popular comedian. A notable fact is that she was honored for her bravery by former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Let’s take a look at the whole biography included in this article about him.

“Antara Srivastava is a well-known name in the Hindi film industry, having held the positions of assistant director, producer, actor and costume designer. Her birthday is July 24 and she was born in 1994. She started her life in Lucknow, India but later moved to Mumbai, Maharashtra to pursue a career in the film industry.Well-known comedian Raju Srivastava is her father and she is his daughter.She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Media from college mace. She received a National Bravery Award in 2006 for her bravery when she fought off four burglars to protect her mother and successfully got some of them jailed. On May 30, 2005, three d ‘between them entered their house in Andheri. They were bragging about being fashion designers to her mother, Shikha, who was listening. As soon as Shikha came back from the kitchen, the robbers dumped her and the forced to the ground.

After that, Antara Srivastava locked the living room door, dialed the police control center number and shouted for help. Following this, a guard and two gendarmes arrived to help them. Only one of the three criminals managed to escape, while the other two were quickly apprehended. And the fourth person, who was standing outside the house and was the mastermind of the operation, managed to escape. After that, Antara was chosen for the National Bravery Award in 2006, which she received from the late Honorable Former President Avul Pakir Abdul Kalam Sir. This award was given to her in recognition of the bold act she had done (APJ Abdul Kalam Sir).

She worked as an assistant director on the films “Paltan” and “Vodka Diaries”, both released in 2018, as well as the short film “The Job”, also released in 2018. She also produced a few of the films, including ” Vodka Diaries”, for which she worked as an assistant director; “Me And I”, a short film released in 2017; and “Rahan,” another short film she is producing but has yet to release. “Rahan” is currently in post-production and has not been released. She had a role in the movie called “The Vodka Diaries”. In addition, she worked on this film as an assistant director and producer. In addition, she was the costume designer for the short film called “The Job”, in which Kalki Koechlin appears. In addition, Antara Srivastava participated in the production of this film as an assistant director.

Antara Srivastava

Antara Srivastava

The age of Antara Srivatsava

Antara’s birthday is July 20 and she was born in 1994. As in 2022, she will have reached the age of 28.

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Height and weight of Antara Srivatsava

The approximate length of Antara Srivatsava’s limbs is 165 centimeters and she weighs 53 kilograms (approximately).

Hometown of Antara Srivatsava

Antara was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She attended Oberoi International School, Mumbai for her primary and secondary education, and she earned her bachelor’s degree in public media from HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Cancer is the name of his astrological sign.

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Antara Srivatsava’s Instagram

Antara posts a ton of engaging content on their Instagram account. She is the best at divulging information about her success and her short film at the right time. Recently, she posted on social media with the statement,

“Conversations held late into the night, loaded with feelings. This phrase, along with “Up and down and the moon is high and the mood is good,” got a lot of attention from her admirers. The link to his Instagram page is here.

Antara Srivatsava’s Instagram

There are currently no rumors regarding Antara’s relationship status as stated in her response to the outlet. He is a person who has never been married. The name Shika Srivastava was given to him by his mother, while Raju Srivastava was given as his father’s name. She is going to have a sibling, and their name will be Aayushman Srivastava.

The career of Antara Srivatsava

In 2013, she became a producer and assistant director at Flying Dreams Entertainment Private Ltd, where she had previously worked.

She started working with MAK Productions as an assistant director in 2013 and has continued in this capacity in the future.

In 2018, she made her debut in a series of films. Her first starring role was in the film Vodka Diaries, in which she was given the name Kaavya.

He’s a multi-talented person, and acting is just one of his many talents. In addition to being a film director, she also designs costumes.

In 2018, she was responsible for designing the costumes for the short films “Le boulot” and “We won”.

In 2018, she made her directorial debut with the film “Vodka Diaries”, in which she also assisted in the making of the film.

After the success of the film “Vodka Diaries”, she went on to direct a number of other films.

Here are some of the best known Hindi films she has directed or produced:

Phulu – 2017

Paltan – 2018

The Occupation – 2018

Patakha – 2018

Special dial – 2012

Inseparable – 2017 (Inseparable)

Me & Me – 2017

His achievement in saving his mother from a thief won him the prestigious “National Bravery Award”, presented to him by the late and beloved President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. It was the crowning achievement of his life.

Antara Srivastava is a Hindi director, producer, actress and costume designer.

Antara Srivastava is a Hindi director, producer, actress and costume designer.

The unknown fact of Antara Srivatsava

Her passion is to explore the world.

She’s good at doodling. Obviously the post she made on her Instagram of her sketches turned out to have a lot of views.

She is going to have a dog as a pet.

The fact that Antara’s father, whose name is “Raju Srivastava”, recently suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized is currently the most upsetting event in his life. On social media, people started expressing their condolences and sending well wishes on his behalf.

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