‘I wasn’t there when they filmed’: Thor 4 Star tackles harrowing floating-head CGI controversy, reveals Taika Waititi filmed it separately and put his face in it

Thor: Love and Thunder arrived on Disney+ after a turbulent theatrical run that has divided Marvel fans, particularly over its use of CGI. Taika Waititi, the film’s director, even touched on some of the most controversial scenes, which started early in the film with the debut of a new character.

Thor: Love and Thunder
An image from Thor: Love and Thunder

This was followed by Kieron L. Dyer’s MCU debut as Axl, the unheard of son of Heimdall, who used his newfound talents to reach Thor after Gorr the Butcher God kidnapped the children of Asgard. Unfortunately, this scene turned out to be one of the Thor 4, prompting Disney to modify the CGI upon its release on Disney+. This backfired somewhat, as many fans believe the scene is still just as gruesome.

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4-Star Thor Addresses the Controversy

Now, a few weeks after the movie’s release, the actor who played that scene has opened up about how things went down with Thor: Love and ThunderThe most controversial VFX plan of.

When asked about the process of filming the scene, Dyer mentioned that he and Taika were the only ones on set at the time, as he sat in a chair. His scenes were shot separately from those with Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portmanand Tessa Thompson:

“Yeah so it was funny how they actually did it because I thought I was going to be with the other actors when I did it but… so what happened was I came on set and I was the only person there because how they filmed, I was kind of sitting in this chair and the camera was like here, on my face, and it was just focusing on me. And Taika was there saying the other lines, like I say my lines. And then he showed me the shot from how they filmed that because I wasn’t there when they filmed. filmed separately and kind of put my face in the scene.

Dyer said he spoke with Heimdall star Idris Elba about working on the film, although he assumed they wouldn’t meet due to the lack of scenes together. While at school, his father received a call from the team asking them to meet Elba, which was a momentous event for the young actor.

Thor 4 Establishes a Blend of Norse and Greek Mythology in the MCU
Thor 4 Establishes a Blend of Norse and Greek Mythology in the MCU

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Marvel Tried To Fix The Floating-Head CGI For The Disney+ Version

Marvel seems to have agreed with the review and worked to improve the visual effects of the Disney Plus version. This backfired somewhat, as many fans believe the scene is still just as gruesome.

Axl’s head is now much sharper in the script, a lot of people don’t seem to believe that makes him any better. This quickly resulted in alternate videos with different people’s heads in place of Axl, with the best of the bunch so far including one that replaces the Asgardian baby with Mario’s floating head from the screen. opening of Super Mario 64.

The two versions of Axl's floating head
Axl’s floating head, left – The movie version, right – The Disney+ version,

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Only a few fans tried to defend the terrible effects. One defense is that Axl is still learning to use his abilities, which is why it looks so horrible. However, Marvel’s CGI issues go beyond Thor: Love and Thunder. She-HulkThe appearance of was heavily criticized when it was originally revealed, and earlier this year there were reports that VFX artists were refusing to work on Marvel projects due to excessive expectations.

Thor: Love and Thunder is now streaming on Disney+.

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