Prafull Billore (Entrepreneur) Wiki, Age, Biography, Net Worth & More

Young Indian entrepreneur and YouTuber Prafull Billore has started his own tea-selling business. Billore is known for his videos on the platform. He says his ultimate goal is to sell tea all over India.

He was born in Indore which is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh but currently resides in Ahmedabad which is located in the state of Gujarat. MBA Chai Wala is short for “Mr. Billore Ahmedabad Chai Wala”, which is the full name of his channel on YouTube.

MBA Chai Wala

MBA Chai Wala

Profile/Introduction of Prafull Billore

Birth name Prafull Billore
Nickname MBA Chai Wala
Occupation YouTuber, entrepreneur

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Prafull Billore Personal Life Information and More

More about Prafull Billore (the entrepreneur) including his wiki, age and biography 3

In 2021, Prafull Billore will be around 25 years old, as he was born on January 14, 1996. He was born under the sign of Capricorn. He was born into a family that practices Hinduism.

He was born in the city of Dhar, located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Date of birth/birthday January 14, 1996
Age (as in 2021) 25
Place of birth Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, India
Nationality Indian
Hometown Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, India
Zodiac sign/sun sign Capricorn
Religion Hindu

Prafull Billore Height, Weight, Physical Stats and More

Prafull Billore is around 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs almost 63 kilograms. It is well known that, like other Indians, he naturally possesses jet black hair and dark brown eyes.

Height (approx.) in meters – 1.78 m
in foot-inches – 5.10
Weight (approx) in pounds – 170 pounds
in Kilograms – 63 kg
Eye colour Dark Brown/ Black
Hair color Black

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Names and Information of Prafull Billore Family Members

Regarding his family, the general public does not have access to much information.

Civil status of Prafull Billore and more

For the moment, Prafull Billore is not married to anyone.

Marital status Single
Affairs/Girlfriends I do not know

Prafull Billore Education Qualification, school and college

Qualification for Education Graduate
School Not known
College/University Bachelor of Commerce (college name unknown)

Money Factor Prafull Billore

It is estimated that Prafull Billore has a net worth of around Rs 30 million.

Prafull Billore Biography & Some other lesser known facts about Prafull Billore

Majority of people know Prafull Billore mainly because of the videos he posted on YouTube as MBA Chai Wala. However, he is a very tenacious businessman, which many people may not know about him. On top of that, he has started a tea business which is quite successful. While preparing for his bachelor’s degree, he found it difficult to concentrate on his studies and as a result, he considered going into business. He wanted to further his studies and obtain an MBA, but was unable to enroll in any of the universities he applied to. When he was 20, his CAT exam results left him in a state of utter devastation. This failure only strengthened his resolve to one day run his own business.

After the conclusion of this event, Prafull traveled around India, stopping at other cities along the way such as Bangalore, Mumbai and others. After being encouraged to start working by a number of famous Americans, he first got a job at McDonald’s and then, after deliberating over the decision for a period of fifty days, he built a tea stand . In order to start this tea stall, he asked his father for a loan of 8000 rupees. In the past, he was only responsible for part of the night shift at the tea room.

On the very first day when he opened his stall, he earned a total of Rs 300, but on the second day, he started talking more with his customers as a kind of strategy and offered them chai in English. This allowed him to significantly increase his income. His method was successful and growing numbers of people flocked to watch him perform in English and sip the tea he brewed.

At first, he did not reveal his part-time job to his mother and father. But very quickly his sales increased, and this eventually became his main source of income. In the beginning, he had a lot of challenges, but he kept his strength and still pushed forward.

Another of Prafull Billore’s creative ideas for his tea stall has been implemented. He thought it would be a good idea to set up a whiteboard where job seekers could post their contact details so other job seekers could get in touch with them. . This allowed his modest stand to help people and connect them with new job opportunities.

Over the years, Prafull Billore has organized many different events, such as “Free Chai for Singles” on Valentine’s Day, poetry and singing evenings called “Mehfil-E-Kavita”, and many sessions hosted by honorable people who have educated the younger generation on how to become successful entrepreneurs. He has even organized fundraising events for cancer patients, those living in poverty and flood relief funds for the state of Kerala. Additionally, he has worked on political campaigns with the state governments of Delhi and Bihar, respectively.

His MBA CHAI WALA brand has been recognized and evoked with high honors by major media companies such as NDTV, Scoopwoop, Aaj Tak, Brut, Times of India, Zee News and even foreign media such as BBC and Cnn. His business has even been featured on several of these networks.

From the year 2021, colleges such as IIM, IIT, Josh Talks, TEDxKIET (with Nitin Gadkari), TEDxMDIGurgaon, Lovely Professional University and others have sent invitations to Prafull Billore to give lectures at their institutions.

Biography of Prafull Billore

Biography of Prafull Billore

Prafull Billore Career

MBA Chai Wala’s career has taken several distinct turns. Although there were many pivotal moments in his professional life, he never considered himself inferior. Although Prafull attended the most prestigious MBA school in India, he was unable to continue his studies there even after passing entrance exams for a period of three years. After that, he got his Bachelor of Commerce degree. In India, Prafull visited a number of different places. Upon reflection, he realized that the majority of the world’s tea consumption takes place in India. He thought about tea for a considerable time. They finally came to the verdict that they should start a tea trading business.

In order to pay for the course, Prafull borrowed Rs. 8,000 from his family. However, he invested this money in setting up a tea stall. Because Prafull knew that if he had informed his family that he needed the money to set up a handcart they would not have given it to him, he decided to tell them a lie instead.

For two months, Prafull thought about tea. He prepared a business strategy and the following year opened a tea stall in the city of Ahmedabad in the Indian state of Gujarat. The ability to brew tea or wash dishes was not part of Prafull’s skills. He constantly left his cart in an area with a lot of mosquitoes, which was near the road. Three to four months passed before Prafull gave his stand a name. After that, he decided to call his booth Madame Billore. People made fun of him because of his name. On a sheet, Prafull wrote down four hundred names. However, he was completely lost as to what to call the stall.

One day, Prafull sat at his handcart until two o’clock in the afternoon. Suddenly it occurred to him that the company should be called MBA Chai Wala. Even this nickname has been the subject of mockery. People frequented his booth for fewer cups of tea and more laughs.

Despite all these challenges, Prafull was able to gradually improve her financial situation and open a café. When he was in these cafes, he took advantage of the many types of offers. On Valentine’s Day, he extended the invitation to a free cup of tea. When Prafull started working for the programs, he was responsible for serving tea. I have donated money to a number of different organizations.

Over time, he made his way into the hearts of many people and earned the nickname MBA Chai Wala. As a result of his accomplishments, other universities and events have asked him to lecture to their students.

He also created a social media account, but people laughed at his posts. These days, however, he receives thousands of likes on each of his posts.

Praful’s desire for the MBA

Praful, like his contemporaries, was thrilled at the prospect of earning an MBA from one of India’s most prestigious business schools. The only reason he gave for his view was that he wanted to take advantage of the attractive compensation and opportunities that an MBA can provide. Their son’s success in passing the MBA entrance exam and being accepted into one of the most prestigious business schools in the country was also a source of excitement for his parents.

He wasted two years of his life studying for the CAT exam, but he failed to pass it every time he took it. After that, he couldn’t get up and fell into a deep depression as a result of failing his B school goal. Praful longed for a break from whatever he was currently busy doing. He gathered his things in his backpacks and embarked on an adventure to travel the country. Eventually, after visiting a number of different places, Praful decided to settle in Ahmedabad and look for work there. He started his career by taking a job at McDonald’s, where he was paid INR 200 per hour worked, which was equivalent to around Rs. 6000 per month.

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