She-Hulk Mid Credits Roll Shows Titania Going To The Dentist

She-Hulk episode 6 had a fairly laid-back storyline as it explored small plots such as a standalone marriage and a new identity fraud case. This episode, just like the last one, also had no post-credits scene. However, the mid-credit animated reels have been updated once again and gave us a fun look at what happened off-screen in the story. This included a scene showing Titania, the super power influencer, visiting a dentist to have her veneers fixed.

1. The wedding party takes pictures

Jen Walters and Josh at Lulu and Adam’s wedding in She-Hulk

The first scene shows us the whole wedding party taking a bunch of photos together. From Jennifer and Josh to Lulu and Adam, they’ve all taken classic wedding photos. In fact, the showrunners also included Jonathan the cute little dog from the episode who was also one of the groomsmen. Fun fact, the dog’s name Jonathan might be a reference to Paul Rudd’s now infamous interview where he was asked about the name of Thor’s hammer. And his answer was – Jonathan, which he said with a completely impassive face. It’s now made its way into the MCU meme pantheon. It was also great to see Jen and Josh bond and vibe after their adorable cute encounter at the wedding.

2. Mr. Immortal apologizes with 20 seconds eye contact

Mr. Immortal and all his exes

We met all of Mr. Immortal’s exes in She-Hulk Episode 6. Somehow, Nikki miraculously managed to come up with a personalized settlement offer for each of the ladies so they could walk away happy. For one of them, the deal involved a sincere apology from Mr. Immortal and 20 seconds of eye contact which he was quite reluctant to grant considering how much he hates any form of confrontation. The mid-credits gave us a scene of Mallory Book and Nikki holding a 20-second timer on the phone while Mr. Immortal maintained eye contact and apologized. It was also such a fun addition, especially with the beads of sweat on his temple showing how petrified he was.

3. Titania goes to the dentist

She-Hulk Breaks Titania’s Veneers

She-Hulk and Titania fought at Jen’s friend’s wedding. Titania naturally only attended to get revenge on She-Hulk after losing the case. She wanted to embarrass She-Hulk in front of the whole crowd by beating her. However, She-Hulk all but destroyed her and she fell to the ground face-first, completely ruining her dental veneers. So the mid-credit roles showed Titania going to the dentist while vlogging her entire experience on social media. I like that the show also tries to humanize the bad guys and show the aftermath after a fight.

4. Another Family Dinner

Jen Walters has a family dinner

Remember Episode 2 when Jen went to that extremely chaotic family dinner? Well, it turns out she had one more after the wedding and it was no different. His loving but always messy family surrounded him as they ate together. We even see his cousin DJ Ched nibbling on a burger with his feet on the table.

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