Where Is Konerak Sinthasomphone Brother Anouke Sinthasomphone Now? Netflix’s Dahmer Actor Kieran Tamondong

Anouke Sinthasomphone’s younger brother, Konerak Sinthasomphone, was also called Sinthasomphone. In 1991, he was the victim of a brutal assault at the hands of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a new series on Netflix, delves into the life and crimes of one of the most notorious serial killers to ever operate in the United States. It was made available to the public on September 21, 2022.

Kieran Tamondong

Kieran Tamondong

Where is brother Konerak Sinthasomphone Anouke Sinthasomphone now?

Konerak Sinthasomphone’s brother Anouke Sinthasomphone spoke to the media after the two brothers were assaulted by Jeffrey Dahmer. On May 27, 1991, Dahmer summoned the girl, then just 14, to her apartment to pose for pictures.

After Dahmer took footage of the youngster while just wearing his underwear, he then gave the boy narcotics. After that, Dahmer drilled a hole in the youth’s skull and injected hydrochloric acid into his frontal lobe. The boy died shortly thereafter.

He stood there for some time next to Sintasomphone while she was unconscious drinking. And after a while, he reportedly left the apartment looking for other sources of alcoholic beverages.

When he returned to his apartment, he saw Sinthasomphone sitting outside in the street, naked, surrounded by three bewildered women. He had left his clothes inside his apartment. After seeing the boy, the three female witnesses, Sandra Smith, Tina Spivey and Nicole Childress, called emergency services.

When Officers Gabrish and Balcerzak arrived at the scene, they found Dahmer standing near Sinthasomphone. After being asked about the incident, Dhamer revealed that the boy in question was actually his 19-year-old partner who was drunk at the time.

Officers let Dahmer take the boy inside his apartment, citing it was a domestic situation. Despite the fact that one of the women tried to intervene since she had seen the boy’s injuries, the officers did not intervene. Jeffrey administered another injection of hydrochloric acid into Konerak’s head. His head was kept in the freezer while the rest of his body was dismembered and burned.

The family had not only encountered the serial killer once, but twice during their ordeal. Less than two years before Konerak’s death, Jeffrey assaulted Somsack Sinthasomphone, one of Konerak’s brothers.

At that time, Anouke Sinthasomphone had already reached the age of 27. While Sounthone is her father’s name, Somdy is her mother’s name. The family has eight children in total: five boys and three girls. After Konerak’s death, the family now includes four sons.

They fled Laos for the United States in March 1979 because the communists there threatened to seize their rice plantation located in a village near the capital Vientiane. They arrived in the United States.

The older children had already acclimatized to American culture and even had a command of the English language. According to what was written in the New York Times, several of the oldest children in the family had already worked as welders, machinists or employees on assembly lines by this time.

Anouke had already given interviews to the press, but his whereabouts are still unknown. He may be in his 50s now.

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Netflix’s Dahmer Actor Kieran Tamondong Plays Konerak Sinthasomphone

In the Netflix series Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Kieran Tamondong portrayed the character Konerak Sinthasomphone. The role the actor played in Warrior brought him a lot of attention and success. Little Big Shots and The Paper Tigers both perform.

Although he currently resides in Valencia, CA, he was born in Los Angeles, CA. At the age of five, he began his training in the art of martial arts at Rising Sun Karate under the guidance of Randy Wood.

According to Martial Arts Entertainment, in 2015 he qualified for the USA Junior Team in the Kumite (fighting) 12-13-35kg division. This meant that he was a member of the USA junior team. In 2016 he obtained the qualification in the 14-15 age group for kata.

His victory in the Advanced Kata category 10-11 at the 2014 US Open in Las Vegas earned him his first USANKF gold medal. He is currently a member of the United States National Kata Team. He has won the Karate World Championship a total of 21 times.

Konerak Sinthasomphone was assassinated by Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991

Konerak Sinthasomphone was assassinated by Jeffrey Dahmer in 1991

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