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Whose are the intelligences mentioned in episode 6 of She-Hulk?


She-Hulk episode 6 showed us a dark side of the internet that we all knew existed. He shows us a website where She-Hulk haters can post disgusting insensitive and sexist “memes” and even death threats. As Mallory perfectly puts it, this is a baby man hater website. And it’s called Intelligence. However, what some fans may not know is that Intelligencia is a reference to Marvel comics.

Intelligencia website on She-Hulk Episode 6

She-Hulk Hating Website

The video of Mr. Immortal’s resurrection on Intelligencia

During the case involving Mr. Immortal, all of the women he harmed came together to decide on an appropriate settlement. When Mallory asks how the women found out about her behavior, one of them speaks up. She said her friend showed her a video from the Intelligencia website where Mr. Immortal died, then left her as if nothing had happened.

Death threats for She-Hulk

Later, after closing the case, Mallory and Nikki check the website and find something really disturbing. Turns out there was a sub-topic under Intelligencia regarding She-Hulk. So they naturally open a fake profile about how much they hate She-Hulk which is approved within seconds. And that’s when they find out about the death threats. People are literally plotting to kill She-Hulk and it’s definitely no joke. While Mallory dismisses them as useless memes, Nikki does her job as a friend and tells Jen about it as a precaution. In fact, near the end of the episode, we see that the mastermind behind the Wrecking Crew who want Jen’s blood also posts on the Intelligencia website to try and take down She-Hulk.

The Marvel Comics Intelligence

The Villains of the Intelligencia in Marvel Comics

The Intelligencia, also known as the Intel of Earth-616, was a group of Earth’s greatest villains and most sinister minds. It involved evil masterminds such as Doctor Victor Von Doom and Samuel Sterns aka The Leader who will appear in Captain America: New World Order. Intel members worked with each other and helped each other in criminal activities. They also revived other criminals such as Sandman, Klaw, and Absorbing Man.

General Ross Becomes Red Hulk in Marvel Comics

Their plan was huge as they wanted to regain lost knowledge with the Library of Alexandria. They attacked Olympus, Wakanda and even Atlantis to find the texts. However, as expected, Doctor Doom betrayed them all and thus broke the Intel. They managed to get the Beyonder’s attention, recover and heal the Venom symbiote, and brainwash several Hulk allies. They even created a list of the smartest people on Earth and started collecting them. Their plan was to drain them of their intelligence and use it to power MODOK and the Leader’s machines.

Another of their master plans was to create the Red Hulk by mutating General Ross. They captured heroes and turned them into Gamma mutants like Amadeus Cho, Red She-Hulk, and A-Bomb. They did it to defeat the Hulk and take over the world. Fortunately, their plan failed as Amadeus Cho managed to overpower and defeat MODOK.

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