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‘Can’t Wait For Electric Car Chase Scenes, Trans Bond-girls’: James Bond Producer Barbara Broccoli Mega Trolled For ‘Sensitive 007’ Idea for Next Bond Movie


Ever since there was James Bond, the idea of ​​a secret super spy maneuvering through the paraphernalia of the world’s terrifying threats has served as a haven for movie lovers. The 25 films that marked the Bond film tally from 1963 to 2021 have so many themes in common that it’s hard to tell them apart at first glance.

Sean Connery played the first Bond in the 007 franchise
Sean Connery played the first Bond in the 007 franchise

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Along with technological advancements in cinematography, the dominant subject matter of a man infiltrating an evil organization, a beautiful woman drawn into the action, and Bond overcoming extraordinary odds to dash in and save the day have made 007 a symbol of resistance from the cold war era. As such, the Bond franchise lives on, slowly learning to evolve from the misogynistic undertones of the mid-1900s.

James Bond’s Paradigm Shift: 1963 – 2021

Although Ian Fleming’s novels were composed almost 60 years ago – in a time of increasing volatility and turmoil, the times have little to show for it but the same. With rising waves of socio-cultural change and the increasing breakdown of institutionalized ideas, the art of post-modern times reflects a state of constant turmoil, in terms of technological advancement as well as the politics of gender and sexual identity. .

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

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Thus, the nascent social revolution is also reflected in the 2006 film, Casino Royale, with Daniel Craig creating a more emotionally sensitive connection to his subjective feelings. With the advent of 007 with blonde hair and blue eyes, many aspects have changed aside from the obvious physical aspects. Craig and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson deconstructed the declining Cold War-era figure and reconstructed the icon in reflection of current sociopolitical conflagrations. In what can only be defined as a cinematic revelation, Daniel Craig’s 007-era films emerged as the best subset of the entire James Bond franchise.

Daniel Craig's Skyfall has been hailed as one of the darkest Bond films to date
by Daniel Craig celestial fall was hailed as one of the darkest Bond films to date

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James Bond producers discuss the evolution of 007

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson were on the hunt for the lead role for their as-yet-untitled movie Link 26a film that promises “reinvention” and “a commitment of 10 to 12 years”. The couple claimed, “It’s an evolution. Bond evolves as men evolve. I don’t know who is moving at a faster rate. The Bond girls’ inherent shift from on-screen sexualization to taking on a bigger, more grounded, and meaningful role has already gained traction.

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But the next evolutionary arc, which brings us to the technological prowess of electric cars and the inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community, has proven more worthy of resistance to some of the Bond factions.

With the negative responses come equally vocal and supportive responses that champion the progressive stance of the ever-evolving James Bond franchise. The drastic change shown in Daniel Craig’s time as 007 was met with one-sided critical acclaim. And it can’t be a difficult task for the same producers to reinvent their super spy in light of the changing times to make the heroic character more realistic, rather than following the outdated ideals of the era in which Bond was created.

Source: Variety

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