‘Critics call it everything from shit to f**king sh*t’: Don’t worry, Darling faces a new onslaught as fans boo Olivia Wilde’s film for biting more than he could not chew

Olivia Wilde’s second attempt at directing with the stars don’t worry darling fails to impress. This comes at a time when the film’s production house, Warner Bros., is already facing insurmountable controversies and lateral changes within the company. don’t worry darling was supposed to be just one of two movies slated to hit WB for the rest of the year. With the fiery crash of Olivia Wilde’s audacious attempt, Warner Bros. also hits bottom.

don't worry darling
don’t worry darling

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Olivia Wilde must be worried don’t worry darling

Olivia Wilde has already caused a stir with her directorial debut in 2019, Library. But the second ride turned out to be bumpier than usual. With the director’s relationship with one of the youngest actors making news, it had been a tied deal from the start. But the past few months have proven dirtier for Wilde as his fallout with lead actress Florence Pugh went public with an embarrassing sequel from Shia LaBeouf. Of course, it’s no surprise that after months of raging controversy and heightened expectations, the heckling has garnered more attention than it needs to.

Olivia Wilde embroiled in a mess of controversies attributed to Don't Worry Darling
Olivia Wilde embroiled herself in a mess of controversies attributed to don’t worry darling

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But the mass expectation has also increased slightly with a faction of the crowd devoted to the Harry Styles fandom. As the young pop icon climbs higher on the global ladder of recognition, he constantly breaks down musical boundaries and starts conversations about the politics of gender and sexual identities. His relationship with Olivia Wilde had landed negatively among the cast of don’t worry darling after the long-term engaged director started dating the British singer.

Meanwhile, the psychological thriller sets have become a battleground for confronting feminist ideals after the Shia LaBeouf-Florence Pugh controversy. Leaked footage of Wilde calling LaBeouf is associated with the #TimesUp movement and the director needs to focus more than ever on safeguarding her public image. The ensuing controversies, a failed directorial attempt, and the horrific drama of the Venetian press tour, all in the space of a single film would do more harm than publicity for its still vast future in Hollywood.

Olivia Wilde poses for Variety;  talks about the Shia LaBeouf controversy
Olivia Wilde poses for Variety and talks about the Shia LaBeouf controversy

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Twitter Hits DWDAttempt to fly above the radar

With the walls closing in on all parties involved, WB management has yet to be found near the crash site which is Don’t worry honey. In the meantime, moviegoers have posted consistently mixed reactions ranging from shocked to scared to surprised to disappointed. With the studio now fully focused on promoting their big-budget DCEU movie, black adamresponsibility for whether the film makes or breaks in its sequels rests with the court of public opinion, comprised primarily of Twitter’s jury.

Although the official ratings drop by as much as 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, reviews from critics pour in mercilessly. Among these, a leading critic at the the wall street journalwrites Kyle Smith, “I certainly prefer to watch an ambitious film rather than a film without ambition. But Ms. Wilde’s film needs more discipline and less hallucination.

don’t worry darling is now in theaters.

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