Family: Michael Oher 11 Siblings, Real Mom Denise Oher

Most of Micheal Oher’s siblings were adopted, but some were biological siblings. His family life is an enigma.

For Baltimore Ravens fans, Michael Oher will be remembered as a Super Bowl-winning offensive tackle who captured the hearts of millions of fans with his electrifying style of play and his disregard for safety as one of his primary goals. of an unstoppable attack.

Adoptive siblings

Born on December 29, 1986, Collins Tuohy Michael’s sister by adoption is Collins Tuohy. Collins has a brother, Sean Tuohy Jr., in addition to Michael.

The co-owner and chief marketing officer of The Whimsy Cookie Company is Collins Tuohy. She launched Collins Closets, a travel, fashion and lifestyle blog, in 2016.

Michael Oher with his adoptive sister Collins Tuohy
Michael Oher with his adoptive sister Collins Tuohy (Source: playersbio)

Additionally, Collins is happily married to Canon Smith, whom she dated for a very long time. The son of FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith, Canon Smith, is a former college quarterback.

Sean Jr. Tuohy Sean Tuohy Jr., born July 4, 1993, is the adopted brother of Michael Oher. He gained further notoriety through his portrayal in the highly acclaimed film “The Blind Side”.

Biological siblings

Michael has the following biological siblings:

Last name Information
Denise Oher Denise is their only real sister to Michael. She is named after her mother, who worked at FedEx.
Carlos Oher Carlos is a former football offensive tackle who played in the NFL.
Marcus Watkins Marcus is Michael Oher’s half-brother. Marcus is very close to Michael and works in the cleaning industry.
Juan Antonio “Deljuan” Oher Deljuan died in a car accident at the age of 24 on September 16, 2007. He was also known as Mann
John Oher Not much is known about John. He is said to live in Memphis, Tennessee e.
Rico Oher Rico is a half-brother to Michael and currently lives in Memphis with his wife and children.
Andre Oher He is also a half-brother of Michael.
Tara Oher Tara, their half-sister to Michael.

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