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Jael Wena Age – How Old Is She? Parents & Boyfriend Revealed


With his remarkable performance on “The Voice”, Jael Wena, still quite young at the time, won over the audience and the judges of the show.

Jael Wena, a 16-year-old Australian singer from the city of Melbourne, recently participated in the auditions for the famous reality TV show “The Voice Australia”.

Because Jael and his family had appeared in previous seasons of “The Voice Generations,” where they competed in singing contests, this isn’t the first time Jael has entered such a contest.

In 2022, Jael was one of the contestants who took part in blind auditions for The Voice Australia. Because they had already heard her perform on “The Voice Generations” (2021) when The Wena Family went to the finals, the judges immediately recognized her voice.

This time around, Jael decided to sing Whitney Houston’s epic ballad “How Will I Know,” and it’s safe to say she delivered an outstanding version of the song.

Jael Wena

Jael Wena

Fast facts

Full name Jael Wena
Occupation Singer
Age 16 years old
Place of birth Melbourne, Australia

Jael Wena Age: How Old Is She?

Given that Jeal Wena was born on December 22, 2005, she is currently 16 years old. She may be young, but despite her age, she has immense talent as a singer.

The young Australian has been participating in singing competitions since she was a child. She is now enrolled in classes, although she prioritizes her musical pursuits over her academic work.

Her father took her to a contest called Fast Track Talent, which she ended up winning and dominating all the other contestants. This fanned the flames within her, leading to the development of a natural sense of competition.

The Wena family members took part in the blind auditions for the first season of The Voice Generations, airing in 2021. While Jael, Esther, Shenae and their mother sang, Israel and David entertained the crowd with their musical talents .

Throughout their performance, they performed Sister Sledge’s “We Are Family” so flawlessly that even Keith Urban was compelled to congratulate them.

Unfortunately, despite passing the auditions, the Wena family had to leave the competition due to COVID-19. They were part of Guy Sebastian’s team. Despite this, they reached the final round.

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Jael Wena’s parents are Australian

In his professional endeavors, Jael Wena has benefited immensely from the unwavering encouragement of his parents. On December 22, 2005, in the city of Melbourne, Australia, she was born to her mother, Bek Wena, and father, David Wena.

Her mother, Bek, is the one who first taught her to sing. Wena’s younger sisters, Esther and Shenae, both have singing careers, and Wena’s older brother, Israel, plays drums.

Additionally, Jael competed for Australia in the “Junior Eurovision” contest, where she finished in third place overall but provided her nation with the most nuanced performances. In addition to that, she sang the national anthem during the A-League Football Championship (2021).

After competing alongside her family in the first season of “The Voice Generations” in January, Jaël decided to enter the second season of the contest on her own. The audience is on board this season as Jael has been selected as one of the top twelve competitors to watch.

This gives us reason to believe that we should be happy to see her perform well enough to move on to the next stages of the competition. Jael hints that she plans to sing one of Whitney Houston’s songs in the upcoming blind audition.

On ‘The Voice Generations’, Jael and his family battled against other contestants under coach Guy Sebastian, who was Australia’s first representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. They reached the Grand Finals but failed to take first place overall in the competition.

Jael Wena is an Australian singer

Jael Wena is an Australian singer

Who is Jael Wena’s boyfriend?

Due to her age and the importance she attaches to her work, Jaël Wena does not currently have a boyfriend.

Since the year 2022, she has not shared any photos or videos on Instagram featuring her potential boyfriend. She nevertheless gained a following due to the quality of her singing and the performances she gave.

The young singer has performed in a variety of singing shows and events over the course of her career, demonstrating both her enthusiasm and dedication to pursuing a career in singing.

With her performance of “Champion” at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Jael, a 12-year-old Australian, tied Isabella Clarke’s performance from 2017 for third place, which also earned Australia a third place. square.

After appearing in Junior Eurovision, Jael sang the national anthem in the A-League football grand final in 2021 and qualified for the semi-finals of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ in 2019.

In addition to this, he has presented shows on the children’s television network known as ABC ME. He has been very active on YouTube, recording his own renditions of songs by a variety of musicians, including the song “Husavik” from the Eurovision film.

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The Voice AU Jael Wena Wiki, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Parents & More

The Voice Australia Competitor Jael Wena Wiki | Organic

Jael Wena, 16, is a well-known Australian singer from Melbourne. She was born on December 22, 2005 and participated in the audition process for the popular singing competition known as “The Voice Australia”. Because she had previously participated in “The Voice Generations” with her family, this is not the first time that Jael has entered a singing competition. Instead, this is her first solo competition.

During the blind auditions for The Voice Australia in 2022, Jael sang for the jury, and it didn’t take long for them to recognize her voice as they had already heard her sing on “The Voice Generations” (2021) , when The Wena Family was one of the show’s finalists.

This time around, Jael went with Whitney Houston’s massive and dramatic ballad “How Will I Know,” and it’s no exaggeration to say she delivered an outstanding performance of the song. She handled every score perfectly, causing all of the judges, including Keith Urban, Jessica Mauboy and Rita Ora, to stand up and applaud her performance.

Jaël Wena Birthday & Family

Jael Wena, who is now 16, was born in Melbourne City, in the Australian country of Australia on December 22, 2005. Her parents, David and Bek Wena, are her parents. Bek, Jael’s mother, was the first to encourage her daughter to sing. Esther and Shenae, who are Wena’s younger sisters, are also singers. Wena’s brother, Israel, meanwhile, is a musician and plays the drums.

Since she was very young, the young Australian has participated in various singing competitions. Her father took her to participate in a competition organized by Fast Track Talent. She ended up winning the competition, beating all the other competitors, which sparked an interest in competition and led to the development of her instinct to win. She is currently enrolled in lessons, but her main focus is improving her singing.

Participation in The Voice Generations

Blind auditions were used to choose contestants for The Voice Generations’ inaugural season in 2021, and the Wena family was one of those families. While Israel and David played instruments, Jael, Esther and Shenae, along with their mother, provided vocals for the group.

They gave a performance of “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge, which they executed so well that even Keith Urban had to give them a standing ovation at the end. However, despite being a finalist and part of Guy Sebastian’s team, the Wena family had to return home due to COVID-19 after passing the auditions.

Additionally, Jael had the chance to represent Australia at the ‘Junior Eurovision’, a competition in which she ultimately finished in third place but was able to deliver the best results for her nation. Additionally, she performed the national anthem in the A-League Soccer Championship Game (2021).

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