‘We didn’t campaign for 4 years to see this’: She-Hulk’s latest episode is trashed for not introducing Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, fans are convinced it’s a 2-second cameo in the movies later episodes

Fans are constantly wary of She-Hulk: Lawyereach episode presenting something or the other to criticize.

While Tatiana Maslany meticulously portrayed Jen Walters, many felt the writing was poor. Some commented on its various lackluster narrative elements, others felt that the series’ reliance on comedic aspects came across as “grinding teeth”.

Another week without Daredevil in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.
The absence of Daredevil irritated many

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What, however, kept fans’ hopes and expectations alive for a long time was the inclusion of Matt Murdock/Daredevil in the premise. People had been anticipating the on-screen dynamic shared between The Man Without Fear and She-Hulk for months.

In Episode 5, the excitement reached a penultimate peak when a character reference was teased through a yellow helmet Easter egg – a clear indication of Daredevil’s inevitable impending presence.

Viewers were convinced that episode 6 would finally feature the masked vigilante. However, much to everyone’s dismay, the final episode details Jen’s experiences at a childhood friend’s wedding. With many disapproving and calling it a “filling” episode, fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Not a Sign of Daredevil in the New She-Hulk Episode

She-Hulk not Daredevil cameo
Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk

Since the arrival of the first trailer for the Disney+ series, fans have been thrilled to get another look at the beloved and fan-favorite character they last saw making a cameo appearance in Spiderman: No coming home.

When it comes to passionate amateurs of daredevil, a shock was inevitable when Netflix suddenly decided to abandon the series after only 3 seasons. Following such a heartbreaking revelation, fans took to social media to gather support for the #SaveDaredevil movement.

Without a doubt, the public has waited far too long, for almost 4 years. While this year, the news of Daredevil: Born Again thrilled many people, the single best shot for fans to see the character earlier was through She-Hulk: Lawyer. The cameo has been teased for weeks now, with newly released images catching the otherwise destitute Matt Murdock admirers.

Daredevil FandomWire
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

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Therefore, with Marvel constantly building up hype for the planned reveal, fans have grown exasperated with every episode seemingly. “wasted.” On social networks, they expressed their disappointment. Many have chosen to believe that the studio is trying to stretch the timing of Daredevil’s appearance to keep viewers hooked, giving them no choice but to tune in.

Many fans are enraged

Audiences were quick to decry the illogical approach taken by the writers. Teasing Daredevil’s appearance for two weeks and it amounted to nothing was disheartening. Most are convinced that the quality of the show is constantly deteriorating with each weekly release. Some, strongly opinionated, have commented on how the show could pull off an incredibly disappointing 2-second cameo at the very end of the series.


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Some, on the other hand, have argued that it’s just plain unfair to campaign for another superhero on a show that isn’t even about them. Check it out:

From such a range of opinions, it can be shown that both sides have valid points that should be noted. While Marvel’s recent efforts are tinged with what people call the “Cameo Problem”, it doesn’t make sense that people are mad at the main character for being the main focus of the show. With several groundbreaking meta dialogues within the Disney+ series to further prove the second statement, the hate turns out to be utterly unreasonable.

At the same time, the narrative decision to zoom in on Daredevil’s cowl only for the next installment to have nothing to do with it was a pretty odd choice indeed. Whether this was done on purpose or not is uncertain.

Poster She Hulk
She-Hulk: Lawyer

For now, as always, viewers will have to keep waiting for the return of the lawyer-turned-vigilante played by Charlie Cox – as frustrating and torturous as that sounds.

She-Hulk: Lawyer The 7th episode will be released on September 29, 2022 on Disney+.

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