Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone risked his $400 million life rushing into his marriage to Jennifer Flavin, sources reveal Stallone didn’t sign any prenup

Former American model Jennifer Flavin has filed for dissolution of her marriage to the rocky star Sylvester Stallone on August 19. The couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary three months ago in May. However, after having a heated argument over a dog, which brought up other issues, Flavin decided to file for divorce. Sylvester Stallone, who was in Oklahoma filming a show, was shocked after learning of the divorce. After which, he also filed a response to Flavin’s divorce, denying her claims and demands.

Sylvester Stallone in Violent Mafia Role for Next Series
Sylvester Stallone

Jennifer Flavin claimed in her filing that Stallone engaged in intentional waste of marital assets, which damaged their marital wealth. In her filing, Flavin also said she wanted to keep her last name.

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Sylvester Stallone didn’t sign a prenup before the wedding

Jennifer Flavin requested an option to join one of Stallone’s business entities or companies in the future, as well as access to their Palm Beach home. Sylvester Stallone denied all of her demands except for her desire to retain her maiden name and a fair distribution of their joint assets and liabilities.

As the couple finalize their divorce, a new detail has come to light through some legal documents. Legal documents obtained by TMZ revealed that Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin did not sign a prenuptial agreement before their marriage.

Sylvester Stallone with Jennifer Flavin
Sylvester Stallone with Jennifer Flavin

Prenuptial or prenuptial contract is a written contract between two people before they get married. It lists all the assets each has as well as their debts and specifies their property rights after marriage.

Not having a prenup can’t affect Flavin in any way. However, the lack of agreement may have caused a problem for the Rocky Balboa star. Sources say the couple did not sign a prenup due to the rushed nature of their 1997 wedding.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin
Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin

The lack of a prenup allows Jennifer Flavin to hold a large chunk of Stallone’s $400 million fortune. Flavin also made a fortune with her modeling career and her Serious Skincare cosmetics line. She started her modeling career at 19 and went on to star in several reality shows and movies.

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Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin could reconcile their divorce

The reports also claimed that the couple decided to negotiate their divorce and put the legal proceedings back in place. Sylvester Stallone’s rep also told Page Six that the couple met at home and were able to work out their differences. The representative said, “They are both extremely happy.” However, sources connected to the case said the divorce is still ongoing.

Sylvester Stallone with his wife and daughters
Sylvester Stallone with his wife and daughters

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin began dating in 1988. They welcomed their first daughter, Sophia, on August 27, 1996, and married on May 17, 1997. The couple went on to have two more daughters, Sistine and Scarlet.

Sylvester Stallone recently shared a photo of him and his wife from behind as the couple take a nature walk. As everything progresses, fans are still wondering if the reconciliation between the couple is still in the cards.

Source: GeoTV

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