The untold truth about Tom Holland’s girlfriend Nadia Parkes

Nadia Parkes is a British actress, born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn on December 31, 1996 in London, England. She made her acting debut in “The Spanish Princess” in 2019 and rose to fame through her romantic involvement with famous actor Tom Holland.

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Early life

There is no information about Nadia Parkes childhood, hobbies, family and early education.

Parkes attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) and graduated in 2018 with a major in drama.


First steps

While at university, Nadia Parkes took part in various plays – her first role was as Cissy in “Punk Rock”, then Suki in “Celebration” and Beatrice in “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Before graduating, she participated in the play “La mégère apprivoisée” as Grumio, and was Clientele Whipped, the MC of the play “Cabaret” directed by Birgitte Staermose.

Parkes currently works under Independent Talent, although it’s unclear when she was signed by the entertainment agency.

Television debut

Her first major television role was in the series “The Spanish Princess” as Rosa de Vargas. The miniseries is based on Philippa Gregory’s books titled “The Constant Princess” from 2005 and “The King’s Curse” from 2014, and is a sequel to “The White Queen” series.

Regarding the audition process for the series, Nadia revealed in an interview that she was initially trying to be cast as Catherine, the show’s protagonist.

Although not cut out for the role, Nadia’s genuine naivety as a new actress convinced the director that she was perfect to play the benevolent Rosa de Vargas, one of Catherine’s ladies-in-waiting. She was contacted by the production team a few days later to audition and finally got the part the following week.

The mini-series “The Spanish Princess” centers on the story of Catherine of Aragon, who became Queen of England after her marriage to Henry VIII. However, originally from Spain, Catherine had various problems adjusting to her new life in the foreign land, in addition to keeping the peace between the two kingdoms.

Rosa’s character is often seen as kind and oblivious, traits that Nadia found similar to her own personality: “I felt like I was a bit of a mirror between the character and me. She’s so curious when she comes to England, and I’m so curious, so when I went on set, I evolved with her.

The filming process took six months, during which Nadia gained valuable experience as a new actress: “She was learning the ways of England and I was learning as an actor, like the strings of the world on the set, and I left a different person than I came in, I would say”.

The first series of “The Spanish Princess” had an average viewership of 0.6 points, and the second series began airing in October 2020.

Other work

Since filming wrapped on the first series “The Spanish Princess,” Parkes has been cast in various television shows, such as “Domina” as young Livia, and the HBO Max series “Starstruck” as Sophie. One of her most notable roles to date was in an episode of the BBC classic ‘Doctor Who’, in which she played the character Claire Clairmont.

Regarding his appearance in this series, Parkes revealed in the podcast “What They Don’t Tell You” that it was a dream come true for her: “Honestly, it was like I was obsessed with it (the show) when I was 12.” She continued, “It was literally a young me’s dream.”

Despite moderate success in her acting debut, Parkes confessed that it had been difficult for her to land new roles in the entertainment industry: “I left early to do it (her role in ‘The Princess Spanish”). Everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing.’ I sat there saying, ‘Oh my god, this all happened so fast for me, and I didn’t even have to deal with all the worry and rejection. until I got my next job. Ten months later, I hadn’t worked”.

In the same interview, Parkes also revealed that she started working at a school for children with special needs, in an effort to deal with the frustration of not having the acting opportunities she expected.

Nadia Parkes

Although competing with experienced actors for better major roles in the industry was Parkes’ biggest challenge, dealing with rejection was also part of his learning process: “I’ve done amazing roles, but I competed against people who had been in the industry a lot longer than me and worked a lot more than me, and I often missed out on roles because of my profile. So it’s difficult… If you don’t give me the experience, how am I going to get it? “.

Despite the difficulties, Parkes has no intention of giving up on her career and dreams of becoming a big-name actress: “(the entertainment industry) it’s so up and down, but the ups are so worth every second of the I’m really, really lucky: I have an amazing agent and the work that I’ve done means I get into audition rooms that people have worked for, you know, five years or seven years to get in. I audition about once or twice a week, including self-tapes or not.

Private life


Despite appearing in various theater and TV productions, Parkes shot to fame in May 2020 The daily mail revealed that she was dating famous actor Tom Holland. In the article, a source close to the two actors claimed that the couple started dating around February and started living together during the COVID-19 quarantine: “It was the first days for Tom and Nadia when the lockdown was announced in London.” They made the decision to isolate themselves together, and things went well between them”.

Although living together during the early stages of their relationship might seem rushed, the source revealed that the relationship between them is very serious, as Holland introduced her as his official girlfriend to his family and friends.

Initially, Parks and the Spider-Man actor did not confirm the Daily Mail allegations, although later, on July 27, Holland shared a photo of herself on her Instagram account. Although the post didn’t have a caption, it answered people’s questions about the couple’s involvement. The relationship was finally confirmed when, on August 9, the actor shared another photo of Parkes in a golf course, this time he accompanied the post with the caption: “How beautiful…. are these golf clubs”.

The date and location of the couple’s first meeting has not been confirmed, although it is speculated that they were introduced at Sophie Jonas (née Turner)’s wedding to singer Joe Jonas in 2019, as Parks is a close friend of the famous model and attended her bachelorette party in Spain.

Prior to Parks, Holland was in a relationship with Olivia Bolton, however, the pair ended their relationship in early 2020.

Net value

Nadia Parkes has an estimated net worth of $400,000 as a result of her work as an actress.

Physical appearance

Nadia Parkes is a gorgeous green-eyed woman with a beautiful brown-blonde hair color. She is 1.67 m (5 ft 7 in) tall and weighs approximately 56 kg (125 lb).

Interesting facts

She was the first cast member of “The Spanish Princess”. She was told by her agent that she got the role of Rosa de Vargas, however, she didn’t believe the news until later.

The filming process for “The Spanish Princess” was difficult for the actors, as they had to endure high temperatures while wearing medieval costumes. As Parkes said during the show’s press conference, the food the actors had to eat during a banquet scene was ruined because of the heat.

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