‘Big things happen when there are constraints’: Ryan Reynolds says big money kills creativity, thinks Deadpool was a blockbuster for his low budget

Marvel movies are notorious for their notorious budgets with films like Avengers: Age of Ultron having an insane budget of over $400 million. That said, it’s kind of surprising that Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds seems to have a contrary belief.

deadpool ryan reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds made his debut as the wildly popular Deadpool with a film made on a budget of just under $60 million, taking it to $110 million for Deadpool 2. However, with the franchise moving to Marvel Studios, a modest budget might be a thing of the past.

Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool 3’s budget

In a conversation with Scott King of Forbes Entertainment about the upcoming addition to the dead Pool series, Ryan Reynolds told King to ask Kevin Feige this question directly, making it sound like the actor himself is in the dark regarding the film’s budget.

Ryan Reynolds, however, shared his thoughts saying “too much time and moneycould reduce the creative aspect of the film because he feels that “great things happen when there are constraints.” He also joked that the first dead Pool the film was made on a budget of “spit and about 58 cents.”

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Wrexham and Deadpool

ryan reynolds football club, wrexham logo
Ryan Reynold’s football club, Wrexham

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Ryan Reynolds compared the making of dead Pool with the management of Wrexham, his football club, in a national league. He stated:

When you operate, at least when you try to create a domestic league operation with a club like Wrexham, you have to think about it in a sustainable way. You’re not looking to put your finger on a scale that’s just obscene in a way, but you’re looking to build a team that you can actually sustain and sustain for a long time, you’re kind of trying to create a pattern there . You know it’s not too different from how we watched Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds went into more detail about his team’s approach to franchise success by turning barriers into “lemonade”:

Every barrier that we ran into, every moment that the studio took money that we needed for our budget, we found ways to turn that into lemonade, and that’s certainly how we approached this project.”

With dead Pool and Deadpool 2 being absolute box office hits, earning over $782 million and $785 million respectively, it’s safe to say that Ryan Reynold and the team’s prospects are trustworthy.

Will Deadpool 3 have a huge budget?

deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

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Given the MCU’s reputation and Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine for the third installment, Dead Pool 3 may have a larger budget than the previous two. However, with Ryan Reynold’s uncertainty, it may be too early to talk about the film’s budget.

Dead Pool 3 is set to hit theaters on September 6, 2024.

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