Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Blasts Legendary Marvel Writer Mark Waid, Calls Him ‘Notorious Whiner’ For Calling Comics Industry Ageist

Mark Waid recently shared his thoughts on how the comics industry has changed over the years. However, Rob Liefeld doesn’t seem to agree with the comic’s creator and calls him out for speaking out about it publicly. Although Waid didn’t mention any names in his post, some mentions led Rob Liefeld to believe Waid was referring to him and didn’t hesitate to call him out. Waid even shaded Rob Liefeld for not getting more opportunities from the studios because of his writing style.

Marc Waid
Marc Waid

Mark Waid has been around for a long time. He worked on DC The Flash, Kingdom Come, and Superman: birthright and also contributed to Marvel’s Captain America, Fantastic Fourand daredevil. Even after continually getting work from Marvel and DC, his recent work seems to have failed to impress fans.

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Mark Waid Shares a Long Article About the Aging Comics Industry

Mark Waid, known for his work in numerous Marvel and DC projects, shared a lengthy message on Facebook. The post talked about how the comics industry has changed and now focuses more on producing content that is more commercial than creative.

Marc Waid
Marc Waid

The post started with Waid advising newbies and budding creators, but it quickly fades into raving about how it all ends in time, and no one can be the best forever. He begins his message with, “For beginners and aspiring creators, I offer some observations on the life cycle of a comic book creator – a mix of tips and caveats.”

He went on to explain how one can be the forever favorite no matter how talented or skilled they are. He said, “And there’s the natural assumption among editors and fans, rightly or wrongly, that no one can continue to consistently hit home runs forever.”

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He further explains how this led to the downfall of the creators, who failed to grow over time. He said their work has become so predictable that it no longer feels as fresh and creative to editors and readers as it once did.

Marc Waid
Marc Waid

With his post, Mark Waid seems to point the finger at recent practices in the comics industry. The comics industry has been criticized for hiring foreign artists, even after they weren’t as talented as needed. These foreign artists do not have the same level of expertise as previous comic book creators. They also don’t seem to connect very well with their characters and are unable to give any details about them.

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Rob Liefeld calls Mark Waid

There is no doubt that attacking any social media platform to complain about anything can never be a good idea. Whenever someone decided something like that, it never had a positive result. The same seems to be happening with Mark Waid. Speaking of past commercial style comics, he may have shaded other comic creators with a few statements in his post.

Rob Liefeld
Rob Liefeld

In his post, he shared some quotes from other artists including, “No one knows what’s good anymore!” Don’t they know who I am? My comics outsold the shit they put out now, and boy, that’s shit! Why in my time…”

Although he did not name anyone, Rob Liefeld took it upon himself and replied, “Interesting considering the bitter source who wrote this. Notorious whiner. I mean, seriously.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld
Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld

To which Waid replied, “You have something you want to tell me directly, Rob, call or write.” He also said Rob Liefeld didn’t have to go behind his back and shoot him in public.

Mark Waid has been on several Marvel and DC projects and has been praised for Kingdom Come, which is considered his finest work. But in recent years, fans seem to lose interest in his work, leading studios to avoid including him in their projects.

This could have led to him writing this huge post complaining and complaining about the changes in the comics industry and umbring his peers.

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