Endings And Recap Of The Serpent Queen Episode 4 Explained Here!

Serpent Queen Episode 4 Endings & Recap Explained Here!

The Serpent Queen on Starz tells the story of the famous Catherine de’ Medici and how she came to bear the nickname. The young Catherine, a teenager who arrives in France without a dowry, without friends or support, is introduced to us in the first three episodes. However, she gradually understands how the world works. The program skips ten years in the fourth episode. The impressionable, gullible girl who had to submit to everyone’s desires is long gone. Now that she is practically in possession of the throne of France, we see her becoming the monarch she was destined to be. However, she still faces many obstacles on the way. Here’s what Catherine’s future holds in light of this episode’s conclusion. Spoilers follow.

The Serpent Queen Episode 4

The Serpent Queen Episode 4

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The Serpent Queen episode 4 recap

Catherine was carrying her first child the last time we saw her. Nine pregnancies later, she successfully fulfilled her duty to maintain her post at the French court. Right now, Henry’s affection is the only thing she craves. He still favors Diane, and she has a stronger hold on him by the second. She had previously helped Catherine as she knew that without her children, Diane might have to consider finding a new bride for Henry. However, Diane is no longer in the mood to share Henry now that this thing is over.

Catherine must consider the possibility that she may find herself like other courtesans who waste their days doing useless things while their husbands woo young mistresses as she desperately tries to curry favor with her husband. When Henry’s father, King Francis, dies, things start to turn in his favor as she refuses to accept his fate. Before he dies, he makes sure Catherine is appointed to Henry’s Privy Council, making it difficult for anyone to get rid of her or ignore her. However, Catherine will need more than her improved political position to finally get rid of Diane.

The Serpent Queen Episode 4 Ending

Catherine’s thoughts and deeds would seem to carry more weight after she becomes queen, it soon becomes clear that she has an uphill battle. She is not well liked by others, despite the fact that King Francis had a high opinion of her and even called her the redeemer of his family. Henry expresses his importance to Catherine’s prospect at their first council meeting, but he is still hesitant to treat her seriously. She warns him that the Roman Church will attempt to overthrow his rule. By hinting that she might be the one to start the war with her hasty actions, the Bourbons and Guise undermine her and even attempt to mock her. Henry listens to her, but he does not follow her advice with the same rigor. The Holy Roman Emperor eventually delivers a severed head as a message to the new king. However, the queen is not bothered by this.

Catherine is not shocked by the onslaught of the Church. As soon as François died and Henri was crowned King of France, she predicted it. She did not anticipate Diane’s ruse, leading her to underestimate her power over Henry. Catherine thought that her husband’s responsibilities as king might finally wake him up, making him contemplate the prospect of keeping Diane at bay. Catherine does not realize that he will not choose his wife – whom he has only known for about ten years – rather than the one he has loved all his life, which does not suit him. The Mistress uses her own power move when Catherine attempts to evict Diane. Henry falls in love with her manipulation, but he won’t let her go.

The Serpent Queen Episode 4

The Serpent Queen Episode 4

What does the death of King Francis mean for Catherine?

Diane forces Henry to wear black and white, Catherine’s personal colors, while Henry is dressed in blue on coronation day to show Catherine exactly how much control she has over her husband. Their dress shows everyone how disengaged the new king and queen are, and informs them that Diana, not Catherine, must be approached if they want the king’s ear. Despite spending so many years in Diane’s shadow, Catherine continues to underestimate her. But it looks like she learned a lesson.

The future Catherine avoids the mistake of underestimating Mary, who feels the throne is hers now that her husband is dead, as the day of Charles’s coronation draws near. Catherine is aware of Mary’s intense animosity towards her, and whatever information she may have gleaned from the letter she eventually received, it’s obvious that Mary may have been the one who moved. The Catherine the young Scottish queen is dealing with, however, is not the same gullible Catherine who failed to get rid of a lady who challenged her power. Mary’s tenure at the French court seems to be coming to an end soon.

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1. Was Catherine de Medici a commoner?

The way Catherine’s childhood is handled in the first episode is sloppy. Lorenzo de’ Medici, Duke of Urbino, and his wife Madeleine, Countess of Boulogne, were the parents of Catherine de’ Medici. In the episode, it is revealed that her mother committed suicide shortly after her father died of syphilis. In truth, Catherine’s father is said to have died soon after and her mother died of a bacterial disease brought on by unsterile circumstances during childbirth. Before the Medici power faction was defeated at the age of eight and Catherine was sent to a series of convents, the young de’ Medici lived in relatively comfortable circumstances. According to the biography “Women of Power: The Life and Times of Catherine de’ Medici”, Catherine claimed that she spent the happiest days of her life in this final location, unlike the series, which depicts her imprisoned in a physically violent convent. before being freed by her uncle Pope Clement VII (Charles Dance).

Given Catherine’s parents, it is inaccurate for the series to portray her as a commoner. According to Goldstone, “Hollywood probably doesn’t understand all the stratifications”. Catherine de Medici was an aristocracy even if she was not royal. She was therefore not on the same level as her husband, but she was still a respectable choice to marry the second son of the King of France. She was not a peasant, but Goldstone said she was inferior to him. In fact, a significant part of the early episodes’ emphasis on Catherine’s sizable dowry served to further demonstrate that she was no commoner.

2. Did Catherine de Medici really love her husband?

The romance between young Catherine (Liv Hill) and Henry (Alex Heath) is positioned in “The Serpent Queen” as one-sided, unlike other Starz historical programs where the goal is to depict the two protagonists jumping into bed. together. Catherine admits that she loved Henri, but the future king falls in love with Diane de Poitiers, who is the eldest (Ludivine Sagnier). All of this is real. According to Goldstone, Henry was a decent person for the time. He wasn’t ruthless or cruel, but he was kind and handsome. He grew to have great confidence in Catherine. Catherine gradually “worked her way” to a friend, according to Goldstone.

When it comes to the show’s core love triangle, Catherine’s connection to Diane represents the biggest departure from reality. It is shown in the series as a power struggle between two ladies. Even though Goldstone said the two weren’t friendly, they each understood that they needed the other to be successful. Diane regularly forced Henry to fulfill his “royal responsibilities” with Catherine so that Catherine bore 10 legitimate children for Henry since she did not want Henry to be overthrown due to an illegitimate marriage. Catherine would pretend to be cordial with Diane because she knew Henry was devoted to Diane. In reality, it was their supposed friendship that paved the way for Catherine to rise to power in France.

On Henri’s death, Les Guises [a well-known French noble family] will take control, according to Goldstone. They can choose. They can either go with Diane, who has done so much for their family, or go with Catherine, a little mouse who won’t seem to cause any trouble. Diane, however, is aggressive and bossy. As a result, Diane is fired and Catherine takes her place. This is Catherine’s first step towards leadership.

3. Did Diane de Poitiers take care of a young Henri II?

The Serpent Queen makes no mention of Henry and Catherine’s age, but they were married in 1533 when they were just 14 years old. Henry de Poitiers and Diane de Poitiers began dating the year after his marriage to Catherine de’ Medici, according to Kathleen Wellman’s book “Queens and Mistresses of Renaissance France. Henry was 15 and Diane was 35 at the time. However, according to Goldstone, it is not an illustration of grooming as we would understand it today. Although they first met when Henry was only 7 years old, he idealized her more as a representation of the perfect woman and her late mother than a lover. Diane was a big deal, according to Goldstone. “He kind of compared her to his mother in his mind, and she was obviously very attractive. It wasn’t grooming, it was more of a search on her behalf for her deceased mother.

4. Did Catherine’s court include people of short stature and people of color?

While it’s unclear whether the series pokes fun at Catherine’s court, which included women of color like maid Rahima (Sennia Nanua), it is known that Catherine de’ Medici frequently hosted children and astrologers like Ruggieri (Enzo Cilenti). Nostradamus, the notorious astrologer who claimed to be able to predict a wide range of future events, was also supported by Catherine de’ Medici, according to Goldstone.

5. Was Catherine a witch?

While Catherine admired the mysticism of the time, it’s hard to say whether the series exaggerates Catherine’s belief that she can predict the future in her dreams. She was extremely superstitious, according to Goldstone. She had hidden interests. Goldstone reported that Catherine frequently asserted her ability to control events by thought. She thought she could make you do whatever she wanted if she put you in a room with her, but of course it didn’t work, even just repeating the conversation. Catherine frequently wrote letters to Sir Francis Walsingham, the British Ambassador, announcing that her son would marry Elizabeth I. Goldstone claimed that although Walsingham frequently mocked these letters, Catherine sincerely believed that if she continued to write about them it would would happen. .

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