Inside The Life Of Keith Brymer Jones and Wife Marjory Hogarth – Do They Have Kids?

Marjory Hogarth, the beautiful wife of Keith Brymer Jones, and he are wonderfully married.

British potter and ceramist Keith Brymer Jones is best known for his range of punk-themed and vintage-inspired homewares. His willingness to cry over contestants’ art caught the eye when he first appeared on BBC2 in 2015 as an expert judge on The Great Pottery Throw Down with Kate Malone.

Additionally, he remained a judge when the show moved to More4 in 2020 and Channel 4 in 2021. At the Victorian House of Arts and Crafts he was also a judge.

Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones

Quick Facts About Keith Jones

Full name Keith Brymer Jones
Occupation Potter and ceramic designer
famous as The judge of the large pottery lay down)
Spouse Marjorie Hogarth
Child Ned Jones
Age 57
Born june 1965
Place of birth England

Inside the life of Keith Brymer Jones

As we have already said, Keith Brymer Jones is a potter and ceramist. He nevertheless gained notoriety as a judge on The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts and The Great Pottery Throw Down.

However, he started working at a young age when it was his first job. As a teenager, he had cleaned cars for his first job. He claimed in a Telegraph interview that he had £60 at the end of a Sunday and thought: ‘Fantastic!’

On top of that, he added that it was the first time he experienced the entrepreneurial spirit he has carried with him ever since.

Additionally, he spent the 1990s at Harefield Pottery in Hertfordshire honing his craft as a potter after finishing high school. He built his own studio in Highgate, north London, before moving his family to Scotland in 1990.

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Keith was also a dancer in his youth

Besides playing in a band and washing cars, Keith danced when he was younger. In fact, he made a lot of effort. Additionally, he went from earning a respectable £350-£400 a week in Harefield to earning nothing in his own studio due to overheads and expenses.

But due to the discipline he gained through Harefield and dancing, he continued to dance well into his youth before achieving a builder’s physique. He just stayed in the driver’s seat and carried out the commands as they came.

He also made pots for Heal’s, Habitat, Laura Ashley and Marks & Spencer, which helped his business grow. Despite the busy schedule – 14-hour days – he had to work.

In reality, he was also basically living in a backpack while hanging out with different friends. He was in a band called The Wigs from 1983 to 1991, and they played everywhere, so renting an apartment made no sense. Before finally buying the Kent property, he rented in London.

Life of Keith Brymer Jones now

When London-born Brymer Jones was 11, he created his first clay creation, an owl. After a brief stint as the lead singer of British punk band The Wigs, he decided to pursue a career as a potter and joined Harefield Pottery in London as an apprentice, where he learned to create contemporary ceramics.

Brymer Jones began making ceramics by hand for retailers like Conran Group, Habitat, Barneys New York, Monsoon, Laura Ashley and Heal’s after completing his apprenticeship. He started building the Word Range for the first time.

Current product lines that Keith sells include his “Word Range” and joint ventures with other designers. He was first fascinated by words because of their shapes because he is dyslexic. Due to his disability, Brymer Jones sees a natural affinity for working with clay, shape and form.

Along the same lines, the Head of Design for MAKE International is Brymer Jones. He collaborates with other designers in this capacity, including Jane Foster, Scion Living, Hokolo and Becky Baur. Brymer Jones’ book Boy in a China Shop: Life, Clay, and Everything was published in 2022.

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Marjory Hogarth, wife of Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones is married to Marjory Hogarth, whom he adores.

Marj called his wife a “brilliantly creative human being” who was also “hilarious-witted” in an interview with The Press & Journal in 2017.

Keith is a workaholic who is completely dedicated to his craft and the quality of his products, and he has already said that he is quite proud of his wife. In an interview with the Press & Journal, Marj said she and her husband “laugh all the time” and that one of her favorite remedies for the Sunday blues was to “cook a big roast for all her friends”. .

Who is Marjory Hogarth, wife of Keith Brymer Jones?

As the wife of Potter Keith, Marjory Hogarth, sometimes known as Marj, is a famous menacing artist. According to reports, Keith’s wife is employed by the theater industry.

Moreover, sources claim that Marj is a theater actress who has appeared in at least five TV shows. She also appeared in plays at the Eden Court Theater like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Marj’s handle on Twitter and Instagram is @marjorypants. The couple seem to love animals, gourmet meals and walks along the shore.

Do they have children?

Marjory Hogarth, also known as Marj, and Keith Brymer Jones have been married for a very long time. Rumor has it that the couple have been together for over ten years, although they are not yet parents. Keith, on the other hand, has a son from a former union named Ned.

Keith also lives with his wife in a tower block in Margate. Their house appears to be a crack house from the outside. According to Keith, the crack den is immaculately clean. She is credited with being the first resident of the house.

Moreover, this is due to the fact that they both appreciate brutalist architecture. After moving to Scotland with his family in 1990, he opened his own studio in Highgat. Currently, the couple resides in Margate, England.

The Crackless Den was also built in 1963 as an opulent vacation destination. He continued: “When the holiday package was taken the house became a white elephant and they migrated six years ago after refurbishing the house in North London. The apartment was still empty.

Keith Brymer Jones Family History

In London, England, Keith Brymer Jones was born into a loving family. In 1965, he was also born in the month of June. He is also of British nationality and of white racial origin.

Keith is also 57 at the moment. He has always been fascinated by craft training and artistic design. He thinks everyone should have had the chance to do and create. The National Society for Art Education and Design named him patron.

The honorary degree of Doctor of Arts was awarded to him by the University of Staffordshire. He has received praise for his commitment to the organization and the people of Stoke-On-Trent. Stoke-on-Trent served as a center of pottery making. He has been observed participating in the artistic activities of students of various ages. Schools, universities and other organizations were represented by students.

He started creating his own line of words using money from previous jobs. Brymer was fascinated by words because of their shapes. He was amazed by the words and their shapes because he is dyslexic. He has experience working with clay. The shape and form of Brymer’s pottery naturally matched his dyslexic tendencies.

Keith Brymer Jones is a ceramist and potter

Keith Brymer Jones is a ceramist and potter

Parents of Keith Brymer Jones

In a recent interview, Keith Jones said he was brought up in North London. Keith says his parents passed on many of these teachings to him throughout his life. He claimed that throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, life was wonderful at home.

They would also buy a new car and go on vacation every year. However, due to his father’s occupation in real estate, they were negatively affected by the mortgage rate inflation of the 1980s. His mother once again entered the class.

Along the same lines, he complained that his father was too charitable and not very good with money. Her mother was even more cost-conscious. She hinted that if you want something, you have to work hard to get the money when she remarked, “If you want to play, you have to pay.” He is currently telling this to his son.

Some FAQs

How old is Keith Brymer Jones?

The age of Keith Brymer Jones is 57 years old.

What is Keith Brymer Jones famous for?

He is well known for his line of punk-inspired homewares with retro typography called Word Range.

Who is Keith Brymer Jones’ wife?

Marjory Hogarth, wife of Keith Brymer, is a married woman.

Does Keith Brymer Jones have a child?

Ned is the name of Keith Brymer Jones’ child from a previous union.

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