Janell Stephens Net Worth As An Entrepreneur, Who Is Her Husband Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr.?

In 2022, Janell Stephens, mother of five and inventor of Camille Rose Naturals, had a net worth of $1.9 million. Stephens was the sole owner of the business.

Its line of shampoos, conditioners and body care products are all-natural and cruelty-free.

In 2010, Janell established the company with the intention of creating and promoting handmade hair, skin and body products for contemporary sophisticated natural hair who place a high value on their health, beauty and their well-being.

At this very moment, the Camille Rose brand is rushing into hitherto unexplored territories. By using his business to break into the events industry, Stephens is fulfilling a long-held ambition.

The 14th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta wrapped up Sunday night after the final episode of the three-part reunion. However, the ladies have already started gathering at home in order to prepare for the shooting of the fifteenth season.

Janell Stephens, founder of Camille Rose Naturals and successful cosmetics entrepreneur, is set to become a member of the ensemble, possibly playing a full-time or “friend” role, according to the publication.

Janell Stephens

Janell Stephens

Quick Facts About Janell Stephens

Full name Janell Stephens
Occupation Entrepreneur
Marital status Married
Husband Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr.
Children 5
Net value $1.9 million
Hair color Black
Eye colour Brown

Janell Stephens net worth as an entrepreneur

According to calculations made by Distractify, Janell Stephens has a net worth of around $1.9 million. Janell, a former therapist who later had children, developed a passion for hair and skin care products after the birth of her children.

She prepared plant-based meals with an emphasis on natural foods, and she used the same natural ingredients as the basis for the skin care products she developed to treat eczema and eczema. diaper rash in her children.

Because Stephens had no prior experience in the corporate world, she initially found it difficult to assert herself and believe that she understood better than others. But after reading What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey, which was Stephens’ favorite book, she learned to accept the fact that no one could tell her story as well as she could tell it herself.

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Climb to success

There are currently over 600 outlets selling Camille Rose Naturals products. These locations include Target, Wal-Mart, Sally Beauty, CVS, Whole Foods and many more. Stephens, who currently lives near Atlanta, recently realized that the metro area was the optimal environment to grow his business.

During those early struggles to address her children’s skincare issues, doctors urged Stephens to start reading the labels of the products her family used. She used to read product labels and use Google to look up anything she didn’t understand. On top of that, she would tell the husband about her doctor.

Stephens claimed that she was completely oblivious to the movement of natural hair when developing her product formulations, despite being the most recognizable name in the natural hair care industry.

Camille Rose has succeeded in an industry where unfortunately many others have failed. This was accomplished through the introduction of a number of new products, such as hand sanitizer, and by engaging with their fans through the use of energetic live streams.

Its commitment to providing quality products

Even though her products are now sold on the shelves of big box stores, Stephens is making it very clear that she has not wavered in her commitment to using only natural ingredients in the formulation of her products. Finding companions attached to the same values ​​as her could sometimes be difficult for her.

After the economic downturn of 2008, Camille Rose grew seamlessly into the formidable force she is today. 2011 marked the year of the official launch. Because Stephens didn’t have to rely on her company’s money to support her family, she was able to take her time to cultivate the reputation of the brand and let the quality of the handcrafted products speak for itself- same.

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Janell Ennis Stephens Foundation

Janell is the proud founder of the Janell Ennis Stephens Foundation, a charitable organization that helps inventive and ambitious women and suffering mothers and families. Stephens continues to be inspired by the people who give him life and energy, including his friends, family and clients.

Watching Camille Rose grow not only as a successful business, but also as part of the lifestyle is what drives Stephens.

As Camille Rose achieves worldwide notoriety and Stephens continues to experiment with new ingredients in her home kitchen, maintaining a stress-free state becomes increasingly vital. However, the ardent vegan and fitness enthusiast makes sure she also finds time for herself.

Because Stephens is well aware that not all women have been blessed with her help, she established the Janell Ennis Stephens Foundation to alleviate some of the sources of anxiety that may afflict some women. She intends to achieve this goal with the help of the foundation.

The nonprofit began by providing working single mothers with an extra thousand dollars a month to help pay their bills. He later expanded his services to include help with childcare costs so women could continue to thrive and support themselves without as much anxiety.

Meet Johnny J Stephens Jr, husband of Janell Stephens

Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr., a hematologist and oncologist practicing in Tifton, Georgia, has been married to Janell Stephens since 1996. Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr. also maintains a practice in Tifton. He has a background in both the medical treatment of tumors and blood-related issues.

Janell and Johnny, who met in college and fell in love, went on to have five children together. Despite building their lives together, Janell and Johnny are apparently still head over heels in love with each other.

In November 2021, she uploaded photos to her website commemorating the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary. The photographs depicted Janell and her husband participating in an elaborate ceremony several years after their first day of marriage and with all of their children in attendance.

His family is his strength

Stephens says that because she was raised in a warm and nurturing environment, her family encouraged and supported her in all her endeavours, whether she would rather take risks or stay on the safe side.

Later in life, when Stephens was faced with the decision of whether or not to give her children life-threatening medication for their severe eczema, the wife and mother of five made the brave decision to handle things on her own. . Stephens’ decision was a success.

As soon as Stephens began doing the necessary research, mixing the premium natural blends herself, and making other lifestyle changes, she and her family began to see positive results. After receiving a number of inquiries about his possessions from extended family members, other family members and acquaintances, Stephens decided to start a website.

She reached out to a reliable friend in her area to take things to the next level when the brand expanded beyond the confines of her online presence.

The company and the five children who motivated it are currently experiencing growth. They frequently use Camille Rose Naturals products, but in addition, they learn useful skills for everyday life. In an interview with Forbes, she mentioned that her sons and husband prefer a setting gel called Curl Maker, while her daughter loves a leave-in conditioner called Fresh Curl.

Janell Stephens is the founder of Camille Rose NaturalsJanell Stephens is the founder of Camille Rose Naturals

Janell Stephens is the founder of Camille Rose Naturals

Some FAQs

What is Janell Stephens net worth?

The amount of $1.9 million that Janell Stephens has in her net worth.

Who is Janell Stephens husband?

Reverend Dr. Johnny J. Stephens Jr. is the husband of Janell Stephens.

How many children does Janell Stephens have?

There are 5 Stephens in Janell’s family.

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