Matt Dean, Ellie Simmonds Partner And Net Worth – 5 Quick Facts To Know

Ellie Simmond, who appeared on Strictly Come Dancing Series 20, and Matt Dean, her co-star on the show, recently wed.

Ellie is a retired Paralympian swimmer who has won five gold medals at the Paralympic Games, two in 2008, two in 2012 and one in 2016. Her victories spanned 2008, 2012 and 2016.

Athlete Ellie’s OBE continues to be one of the most motivating and inspiring figures for people with disabilities, aspiring athletes and women around the world.

After retiring from competitive swimming, she brought her upbeat attitude to the dance floor on the 2022 season of Strictly Come Dancing, which is widely considered the most popular dance reality show.

She is the sixth contestant in the competition, and for her first performance, she scored 26 points out of a possible 40.

On top of that, she is a proud alumnus of the swimming world, having achieved two world records in the process: one in the 400m freestyle and another in the 200m medley.

She recently started a new era in her life and she credits Matt for making the majority of the decisions, which has her admirers intrigued about who she is dating.

Ellie Simmonds

Ellie Simmonds

Quick facts about Matt Dean:

Last name Matt Dean
Age in the late 20’s
Nationality British
Parents Penny Dean (mother) and Arthur Dean (father)
Partner Elli Simmonds
best known for Being Olympian Ellie Simmonds’ Boyfriend
instagram @thematthewdean

Matt Dean, partner of Ellie Simmonds, and the timeline of their relationship

Even though Matt Dean and his girlfriend Ellie Simmonds have only been dating for a few years, their relationship is stronger than it’s ever been. Ellie Simmonds is a swimming icon.

However, since Dean is a man who values ​​his privacy very much, they mostly hid this information from the general public.

Due to this, he is not present on Ellie’s social media platforms, despite the fact that she has a large fan base and is very active on the internet. She posts primarily about herself and her works, and she keeps her personal life, including her romantic relationships, out of the reach of the general public and the media.

It seems those days are over now that Ellie is performing on the dance stage and needs Matt’s support and encouragement.

Matt, being the encouraging boyfriend that he is, is seen sitting in the front row and cheering for Ellie. Ellie’s mother is also spotted with Matt.

According to the Daily Mail UK, it has been confirmed that the two have known each other since they were children. Because Penny and Arthur Dean were the ones who encouraged Ellie to take up swimming in the first place, it was the older Dean couple who did the introduction between Ellie and Dean.

In addition to Ellie, the Deans care for others with dwarfism and encourage them to play sports so they can become Paralympic legends like Ellie.

They had known each other for a while and could be considered friends, but only recently discovered that they liked each other. Meanwhile, the global Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 brought them closer because they had lived together.

Ellie’s love life with Matt became another big story about her following the huge controversy that was caused by her following’s expansion into the television and dance industries.

Nikita Kuzmin, a dancer and choreographer from Ukraine, teamed up with her to take on the other famous Strictly Come Dancing contestants.

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Matt Dean and Ellie Simmonds are the same age as childhood friends

As just noted, the lovely couple of Paralympic legend Ellie Simmonds and Matt Dean don’t have a significant age gap between them.

Because she was born on November 11, 1994, the former swimmer-turned-dancer is currently 27 years old. She spent her childhood in Aldridge, which is located in the Metropolitan Walsall Borough, despite being born in Walsall.

On the other side, Matt was born around the same time in Hazel Grove to two influential people. His parents met there.

He has lived his life away from the pitch despite his parents and fiancée being awarded the OBE and being quite well known in the media.

Because of this, many details about Matt’s life and works have been withheld from the general public, including the fact that he uses his Instagram account privately.

In the meantime, it is indisputable that he assists his two parents in their respective jobs. The former Dean couple are responsible for founding the Dwarf Sports Association, which aims to promote confidence and a positive attitude among people with dwarfism.

They are also members of the Restricted Growth Association, which is an organization that helps people with achondroplasia, which is one of the most common underlying causes of dwarfism.

Ellie Simmonds and her boyfriend Matt Dean share a house as a couple

Matt Dean’s status as Ellie’s boyfriend has taken on significant significance for the group as a whole now that the pair are happy with Ellie’s choice to pursue a career in television.

Matt is tasked with looking after their home in south Manchester while the Paralympic legend is preoccupied with his rehearsals.

After acknowledging that they are each other’s kindred spirits, the couple have just purchased the property they now call theirs. Matt and Ellie’s relationship has a lot of ingredients for success, from the fact that they both have dwarfism to the positive relationships they have with each other’s parents.

Along the same lines, despite being a lovely couple, the two have yet to discuss their plans to get married. It’s a beautiful thing when two people can share a home and their hopes for the future. After all, it was Matt who encouraged his partner to participate in Strictly Come Dancing so she could broaden her horizons and experience something new.

And because he’s her supporter, he regularly goes to the show to cheer on his girlfriend while tending to their house.

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Matt Dean Job and Net worth – What does he do?

Matt Dean has never revealed much information about his employment, especially while the amount of his net worth is still being determined.

After Ellie became part of the Strictly Come Dancing family earlier this year, he made an appearance on camera. Before that, Internet users were unaware of the couple’s romantic involvement.

In the past, Ellie has hinted at her love life in documentaries about dwarfism, one of which featured Matt’s mother Penny.

Ellie revealed on the night of the last dance that Matt was cooking for the two of them because she was preoccupied with her dance practice.

Because Simmonds has stated that he is only a “decent cook”, it can be concluded that he does not work in the culinary industry, which is one of the many professions available.

She went on to say that he only provided her with carbs and overlooked the importance of including vegetables, especially broccoli and peas, in their meals.

Matt gave a thumbs up as the camera zoomed in on him, indicating he got the message and thought she should work on improving her cooking skills for the upcoming dinner.

Ellie Simmonds' boyfriend Matt Dean

Ellie Simmonds’ boyfriend Matt Dean

5 Amazing Facts About Ellie Simmonds’ Boyfriend Matt Dean

Ellie Simmonds, who is Matt Dean’s girlfriend, was also born with the genetic condition that causes short stature, just like Matt Dean.

Both of his parents, Penny and Arthur, were born with dwarfism, which means he inherited it.

Nichola Dean, Matt Dean’s sister, was one of the competitors in the first World Dwarf Games, which took place in Chicago the same year. The Dwarf Athletic Association of America was the group responsible for organizing the competition.

Matt is the proud uncle of his two nieces and nephews who were born to his siblings. There is only one large Dean family, so only they know the children’s names and whereabouts.

Penny Dean, Matt’s mother, didn’t accept the rumors that he was dating Ellie until her son told her the truth about their relationship.

Some FAQs

How long has Ellie Simmonds and Matt Dean’s relationship lasted?

As of the year 2022, Olympian Ellie and her non-celebrity boyfriend have been together for about three to four years.

How old are Ellie Simmonds and Matt Dean?

Ellie, one of the Strictly Come Dancing contestants, is currently 27, and she and her partner are in the same age bracket.

Are Ellie Simmonds and Matt Dean already married?

In the year 20222, the lovely couple Ellie and Matt will not have married.

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