“Driftmark” (Season 1 Episode 7) Of House of the Dragon: Recap & Review

House of the Dragon’s “Driftmark” (Season 1 Episode 7): Recap and Review

Laena’s funeral opens episode 7 of House of the Dragon. Everyone expresses their grief at his passing, and Targareyn and Velaryon join in. Aegon looks bored when Daemon interrupts the conversation with a manic laugh.

Rhaenyra speaks to her son after Laena’s coffin is lowered into the water using ropes, reminding her of its location and the importance of House Velaryon. One of Daemon’s two children reaches out to Jace as they approach each other; it’s a sweet gesture. As for Daemon, he is obviously mad and shoots Rhaenyra several telltale looks.

As the evening goes on, Viserys goes to bed alone without Alicent, and Corlys berates her son for getting lost and crying in the middle of the ocean. After that, he brings up with his side the history of Driftmark and who will inherit it. Corlys is reminded that “the offspring of Rhaenyra are not of your blood”. “History doesn’t remember blood, it remembers names,” he replies.

Outside, as Rhaenyra strolls alongside Daemon along the shore, Corlys’ suspicions are all but verified. She acknowledges that she didn’t feel thrilled with Laena, but she did with Ser Harwin. Rhaenyra laments that Daemon left her, and the two embrace as the waves gently wash onto the shore. Rhaenyra whispers, “I want you. The two then engage in sexual activity.

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Aemond creates pandemonium on other parts of the beach. Vhagar, Laena’s orphan dragon, is seen by himself. He approaches discreetly and tries to straddle him. He is almost burned when the creature shoots flames deep in his guts and is completely eclipsed in the presence of this majestic creature.

Aemond, however, is able to tame the dragon and leads it on a long tour around the castle. The amount of noise it makes wakes everyone up in the castle, including Baela and Rhaena. Each of them approaches Jace in turn, and when he appears, they all go down and start beating Aemond.

House of the Dragon – Season 1 Episode 7

House of the Dragon – Season 1 Episode 7

Since one of Daemon’s children was supposed to be the one claiming the dragon, this explosive concoction explodes in a flurry of pandemonium. Luke has his nose broken, while Aemond has his eye gouged out. Lord Corlys also shows up as Viserys orders a collective silence in the room.

The two women at its heart, Alicent and Rhaenyra, cross paths frequently like mothers in a playground. The future of the Kingdom is at stake in this situation, which is different. Aemond is tasked with identifying the source of these rumors regarding the bastard offspring of Rhaenyra. and after glancing at Alicent, he mentions Aegon. “Everyone is aware. Just observe them. Aegon responds.

Viserys has had enough and orders everyone to end their fights and make amends. “It’s not sufficient.” As compensation for the harm done, Alicent decides that taking one of Rhaenyra’s children’s eyes would be just punishment.

Alicent orders Criston Cole to take charge and carry out the king’s order when Viserys refuses. She grabs a sword and charges at the children as soon as he hesitates.

And now that they see you for who you are, Rahenyra grabs her old boyfriend and pulls her back. She slashes Rhaenyra’s wrist, soaking the floor in blood, and growls angrily at how unfair it is for Rhaenyra to behave as she wants and not do what she is forced to do.

The tension finally subsides as Aegon claims a fair trade has been struck. Even though he lost an eye, he now has a dragon. The problem was resolved.

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After all of this, Otto is back in his role as Hand of the King. After the event in the hallway, he approaches Alicent and declares his admiration for her. He goes on to say that they are playing a nasty game and maybe his reaction actually helped their cause. He assures her that Viserys will forgive her and that they will triumph together. Now that they have a dragon, Viserys will certainly forgive Alicent. Otto advises his daughter to be patient.

Regarding Rhaenyra, the Maester has fixed her and she now speaks to Laenor. He acknowledges that he let them down and blames the gods for creating him that way. Rhaenyra smiles and tells him it’s a rare occurrence, calling him a noble man with a beautiful heart.

Laenor, however, makes the decision to step up her efforts and continue to be his wife. He knows it’s the best thing he can do for Rhaenyea and the kingdom when he sees the target painted on his back. Although grateful, Rhaenyra has another thought.

Rhaenyra approaches Daemon and advises him to fortify their relationship properly. As Aegon the Conqueror once did, she wishes to bind their blood in order to claim Daemon as her bride and prince consort. This would only be possible if Laenor had died.

Ser Qarl is thus assassinated by Daemon at his expense. They discover their last son burning in the fire when the action shifts from their altercation to Lord Colys arriving in the room. do others do it?

A clever revelation reveals a bald and still alive Laenor that Ser Qarl managed to get out of the place. It kills two birds with one stone and gives Laenor some closure because he’s been dreaming of the Stepstones and looking for a way out.

The episode’s closing scene shows Rhaenyra and Daemon getting married as their children watch.

House of the Dragon – Season 1 Episode 7

House of the Dragon – Season 1 Episode 7

The episode review

Daemon and Rhaenyra’s wedding is sure to stun the entire kingdom. Besides making Corlys want to fight back, it will likely end the first season with a major war. There are many moving parts to this situation, and Aemond’s theft of the dragon was the initial trigger.

It is apparent that Alicent’s children share her disposition, and at the end of the day, Rhaenyra realizes that she must back up her claim if she is to have any meaningful influence in the world.

Laenor still being alive and receiving what he always wanted – an escape – gives the ending a nice twist. He no longer cares about carrying on his family’s legacy or producing children, and this apparent deal he made with Rhaenyra represents a turning point in the narrative.

The series finale next week should be a truly dramatic event, and I wouldn’t be shocked if we saw a few more deaths along the way.

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