‘All roads should lead them to connect’: She-Hulk writer Jessica Gao reveals Jen’s final episode sleeping with Matt Murdock was integral to the character’s identity

Jennifer Walters has been on a journey to find a significant other, but unfortunately, so far, she hasn’t been successful in that department. From slipping on and off Tinder dates to having a short-lived relationship with Josh, who had nefarious ulterior motives when it came to engaging with Walters. Thus, She-Hulk found herself looking for romance.

She-Hulk: Lawyer
She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Sets New Parameters For Women In Marvel

But it seems his watch is finally over.

in the last episode of She-Hulk: lawyer, we see Jennifer with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock as Daredevil, where they are observed to engage in a…romantic interaction of some degree.

Does this adventure mean anything?

Like most people after a night of “precarious intimate engagement” asking what it all meant, fans and audiences are left with the same questions. In the latest episode, we witness both Daredevil and Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk after their first confrontation, heading to Walters’ apartment, where they spend a night together.

daredevil she hlk
What does adventure mean to both?

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Speaking to Marvel Entertainment, She-Hulk: Lawyer Producer Jessica Gao discussed Jennifer Walters’ surprise encounter with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, following their battle with Leap-Frog and his henchmen on the latest episode of Disney+.

“After saving Luke Jacobson from capture, Walters finally offered that they ‘skip the whole thing and just…’ after Murdock suggested the two go out to dinner the next time he visits Los Angeles.”

Discussing the decision, Gao explained that the writing team was “really excited for them to connect” because Murdock felt like “the right guy for her:”

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What’s next for She-Hulk?

The romantic tension between Daredevil and She-Hulk was evident from the start of their time together, so there were no surprises when they met. But with the time of Charlie Cox She-Hulk in the end, one can only wonder if their romance will continue to move forward in the MCU.

she hulk daredevil tatiana
Cox said the brief appearance is not set up for Daredevil: Born Again

There certainly seemed to be the possibility of a relationship between them, and their similar lifestyles make them a heavenly couple. Although Charlie Cox has confirmed that She-Hulk: Lawyer would not implement Daredevil: Born Againfans are still hoping they get at least a glimpse of the duo making a romantic appearance.

She-Hulk: The Lawyer Is streaming on Disney+

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