Madame Web Leaked Set Pic Shows Sony Verse’s Spider-Man In Action

It’s almost unbelievable that Sony is still churning out movies featuring its cast of Spider-Man-related characters, especially Madame Web, which is currently in development. While set images and reports from a verified cast list have been circulating for quite some time, a recent leak appears to include some pretty major spoilers.

According to recent footage, Dakota Johnson and Celeste O’Connor’s character is challenged by Tahar Rahim’s stunt double. Rahim’s stunt double is clearly visible in the footage sporting something that can only be considered a variant of Spider-Man’s costume.

Spider-Man’s New Suit

madam web photo set

Madame web set photo leaked

The costume appears to be made of barely noticeable black and red straps. We’ve never seen Spidey in this particular style before, and it might be fascinating to see how it plays out in movies.

The Spidey stunt double can be seen attached to wires in the photos. Presumably, that means the next movie will feature some amazing aerial action.

The outfit seems to support the theory that Rahim portrays Ezekiel Sims, a comic book character who had similar abilities to Spider-Man, donned a Spidey suit although the resemblance wasn’t actually there, and occasionally found himself in conflict with other Spider-people. When Madame Web opens in theaters in October next year, I’m sure it will all make a lot of sense whether Rahim is an Ezekiel or not.

Who is Ezekiel Sims?

ezekiel sims

Variant Spiderman

Ezekiel reportedly undertook a spell that gave him the abilities of a Spider-Totem (The word “Spider-Totem” in Marvel comics describes a group of multi-versal supernatural beings created by the Elder Goddess Neith who are connected to a mysterious power known as the Web of Life and Destiny). He immediately started collecting wealth after receiving these abilities, which are identical to Spider-man’s abilities. He soon discovered that due to his mythological nature, he frequently encountered members of the Totemic Hierarchy.

Ezekiel Sims continued to play Spider-Man in place of Peter Parker after being killed by Morlun. He was one of the various Spider-People of the Multiverse that Spider-UK had gathered to fight Morlun and his Inheritors family.
Spider-Man and Spider-UK then traveled to Earth-982. The final two Spider-Totems, Spider-Girl and Benjy Parker, were recruited, but it was too late to save Peter Parker from the universe.

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