Did Viserys cost Rhaenyra the throne? House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Ending Explained

dragon house episode 8 saw the entire Targaryen family come together for supper one last time to bury the hatchet and move forward united. As things began to improve, especially between Alicent and Rhaenyra, the ending changes everything. The final seconds of the episode involving King Viserys and Queen Alicent were the most pivotal of all. It will lead directly to the Dance of the Dragons. So let us break it down for you.

King Viserys thought he was talking to Princess Rhaenyra

King Viserys talks to Rhaenyra about Aegon's dream in Episode 8 of House of the Dragon

King Viserys talks to Rhaenyra about Aegon’s dream in Episode 8 of House of the Dragon

Time and disease have truly taken their toll on King Viserys. His face was crumbling and his body was reduced to mere bones, but he continued to breathe. In his final moments, his devoted wife, Queen Alicent, sat beside him, comforting him. However, Viserys confused Alicent with Rhaenyra. He’s talking about the Song of Ice and Fire, The prophecy of Aegon the Conqueror. The night before, Rhaenyra had come to him to tell him about the prophecy and asked him if he believed it to be true. At that time, he had mistaken Rhaenyra for Alicent. It is to this conversation that he refers when he asks Alicent if she remembers it.

Rhaenyra and Alicent in House of the Dragon episode 8

Rhaenyra and Alicent in House of the Dragon episode 8

But Alicent who was unaware of Aegon’s dream engraved on the cat paw dagger assumes King Viserys was referring to his own son, Aegon II Targaryen. King Viserys spoke of the promised prince who would unite Westeros against cold and darkness. He reaffirms his belief and faith in Rhaenyra and truly chooses her to be his heir. However, Alicent believes the king decreed his son Aegon II as his heir in his final moments.

King Viserys dies

Death of King Viserys

Death of King Viserys

After all these years, clinging to life, King Viserys finally dies in the final moments of Episode 8 of House of the Dragon. During the supper celebrations, Alicent gives a toast in which she affirms that Rhaenyra will make a beautiful queen. It seemed that the civil war could be avoided after all. But in vain. Viserys’ delusion caused by age, illness, and of course the poppy’s milk cost Rhaenyra the Iron Throne. His death will now trigger the trials of succession to the Iron Throne.

What will Queen Alicent do next?

Queen Alicent thinks Aegon is the true heir

Queen Alicent thinks Aegon is the true heir

Queen Alicent seemed to be ready to crown Queen Rhaenyra, especially after Aegon assaulted a maid in the Red Keep. However, after hearing bits and pieces of Aegon’s dream, she’ll probably think Viserys was talking about their eldest son. She will attempt to fulfill her husband’s dying wish, unaware that he actually wanted Rhaenyra as his heir. Things are about to go downhill once again and the Hightowers will land their next blow. If you didn’t already hate Ser Criston Cole, we’re pretty sure the next installment will see him accomplish some unfathomable tasks.

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