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Is Kurama back? Boruto’s Mark Karma Will Bring The Legendary Nine-Tailed Fox Back From The Dead


naruto is one of the most popular anime franchises, which now has a sequel focused on the second generation of our favorite heroes’ children, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The show follows its own arc with Boruto, Naruto’s son, at the center. In one of the storylines in the series, we lost Kurama, as the nine-tailed fox sacrificed his life to save his Jinchuriki.

Death of Kurama in Boruto
Kurama may not really be dead

Fans were hurt by the loss and one question always seemed to be on their minds, how would the writers bring Kyuubi back? But a recent theory suggests the wait may be over soon as it’s possible Kurama never left. Momoshiki’s Mark of Karma may play a role in the Beast’s return.

Kurama – The Nine-Tailed Fox

As all Naruto fans are well aware of the story, as it is their story, Kurama is one of the Tailed Beasts found in the various Ninja Villages, separate from Kaguya’s Ten Tails. Kurama belonged to Konoha – The Village Hidden in the Leaves. When the show naruto, we were told how Naruto became Kurama’s jinchuriki. Later it was revealed that the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze only sealed half of Kurama’s chakra in Naruto, the other half was with him as he summoned the Reaper of Death to take his soul with half of Kurama.

Kurama - The Nine-Tailed Fox
Kurama – The Nine-Tailed Fox

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During the Fourth Great Ninja War, in Naruto Shippuden, Naruto loses the Yang Kurama half as it was extracted from him by Madara and Obito to bring the Ten Tails back. Naruto asks the other half to join him, suggesting that the creature can move and is not related to a jinchuriki.

Naruto in Boruto Naruto Next Generation
Naruto after being able to fully utilize Kurama’s powers

In Boruto: Next Generation NarutoAlso, Momoshiki attacked the Hidden Leaf Village to take Kurama from Naruto. Although he failed the mission, he managed to merge some of his chakra. In a fight against Isshiki Otsutsuki, Kurama sacrifices himself to allow Naruto to enter Baryon Mode. In this, the jinchuriki gains explosive power but it consumes the Tailed Beast. A new theory suggests Momoshiki might have enough power to bring the Nine-Tailed Fox back.

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Momoshiki’s Boruto Mark Karma Could Bring Kurama Back

Before his death, Momoshiki left the Karma mark on Boruto, which transferred his powers and consciousness to young Uzumaki. Although the young ninja has yet to manage to control Momoshiki’s powers so well, it has been shown in the series that he has the ability to deflect Ninjustsu using his hands. But sometimes when Momoshiki takes over, Boruto also has an infinite amount of chakra, just like Naruto had with Kurama’s help.

Boruto Karma Seal
Boruto Karma’s seal connects him to Kurama’s powers

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This could mean that the chakra Boruto has when the Karma Mark activates isn’t just Momoshiki’s but also the Tailed Beast’s. If Boruto manages to learn how to control the various chakras inside of him, he could become the next jinchuriki – because he’s also an Uzumaki. Although not much is known about the Karma mark other than the threats it has caused. But it can also be used to bring Kurama back.

Although fans might have to wait a while until that happens, but this could be how the legendary tailed beast returns to the land of the living.

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