Marvel Studios and Disney Reportedly Abandoned Thor Franchise

One of the most valuable franchises in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is based on The God of Thunder Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was established on its ability to produce blockbuster after blockbuster. Thor: Love and Thunder (2022), the fourth film in the saga, was released in July this year.

The movie saw Chris Hemsworth (Thor) return, along with a ton of other actors we’ve seen in past outings, like Jeff Goldblum (Grandmaster), Natalie Portman (Jane Foster/Mighty Thor), Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie ), Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif) and Taika Waititi (Korg).

Many critics claimed that, despite all the talent and the massive $250 million budget, the “movie fell flat.” It only received a 65% approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, ranking it as the lowest-rated Marvel film of all time. The film crossed the $700 million mark at the box office and received a somewhat positive factor with an approval rating of 77%.

It’s obvious that there have been a variety of fan reactions to the film, including a lot of criticism.

Now, there are several rumors claiming that Disney and Marvel may be pulling the cord on the next Thor movie because of how the Thor franchise went downhill after Thor-Ragnarok. Several outlets have also claimed that director Taika Waititi isn’t interested in making a Thor 4.

What Was Wrong With Thor Love & Thunder

Thor love and thunder

Thor love and thunder

This has always been a problem with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they established its world, developed this fantastic character, and then had no idea how to proceed with the Mighty Thor.
Now, it makes sense that sometimes the sequel to a great movie doesn’t live up to fan anticipation.

The MCU can finally explore new and intriguing antagonists thanks to the defeat of Thanos. In the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, actor Christian Bale did an outstanding job as the gruesome Gorr the God Butcher. He is the embodiment of every child’s nightmare, with slender makeup, yellow eyes, and the power to walk through shadows. Gorr also had an intriguing backstory: despite his loyalty to the gods, he is outraged at them for not saving his daughter and wishes to kill them because of their arrogance.

By pairing an extremely serious antagonist with Thor who doesn’t take himself seriously enough, it downplays Gorr’s seriousness and ultimately belittles their relationship.

Thor 5 was not included in the Phase 5 D23 showcase

kevin feige and chris

Kevin Feige and Chris Hemsworth

Many believe Marvel boss Kevin Feige isn’t happy with the backlash Love and Thunder has received, even Chris Hemsworth has said he might not make a Thor movie if the idea was becoming obsolete. Also, merchandise for Thor hasn’t sold much compared to other Marvel superheroes, and Disney is very strict with their merchandise sales. So it’s clear that Disney isn’t interested in doing a Thor 4 right now and that might be why it’s not included in their Phase 5 plan as well. Personally, I don’t mind if they don’t do a Thor 5, let the character take a break.

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