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Michael “Mikey” Teutul is an American television personality and steel builder born November 26, 1978 in Suffern, New York USA. He is known for his appearance in the reality series “American Chopper”.

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Early life

Michael Joseph is the youngest son of Paul and Paula Teutul. His parents’ marriage ended in 1995 after three decades together and his father remarried in 2007 to Beth Ann Santos, although the relationship was short-lived and they filed for divorce in 2015. He did not There is no information on relations with Michael’s mother, Paula.

Michael “Mickey”‘s siblings are Paul Jr., Daniel and only sister Christin, although information about his childhood is not disclosed. He attended community college, but dropped out and did not complete his education.

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First jobs

Michael began his career at age 12, when he started working at his family business Orange County Iron Works doing odd jobs such as cleaning toilets and taking out the trash. He worked at the company on and off for years, until he finally quit his job at age 20 when he moved to Tempe, Arizona.

During the six months that Michael spent there, he held various jobs. He has worked as a club bouncer, busboy, valet, at a movie theater, and a cell phone salesman. However, none of these jobs worked for him and he soon returned to his hometown to work as a carpenter for a year.

Deciding he had better opportunities working with his family, he returned to Orange County Iron Works to work alongside his older brother Daniel. However, the job was not what Michael was looking for, describing it as “ungrateful, cold and cruel”. He quit his job to join his father’s bicycle building business.

Orange County Choppers

Michael started working as an assistant manager at Orange County Choppers, where he answered calls and did other odd jobs. Fortunately, the shop’s innovative environment motivated him and he soon found himself working closer to his father and older brother Paul.

Located in New York, Orange County Choppers (OOC) is dedicated to creating custom bikes for local and international customers.

Founded in 1999 by Paul Teutul Jr., the company is an extension of his experience as a steel builder combined with his passion for motorcycles.

The first bike ever created by OOC was named “True Blue”, which debuted at Daytona Biketoberfest in 1999. This bike was followed by other memorable creations such as “The Fire Bike” created in commemoration of the disaster. 9/11 and the New York Fire Department. . OOC also created “Air Force Bike”, a custom helicopter with jet-shaped mirrors and inspired by the F-22 Raptor tactical aircraft. This particular bike was displayed at many Air Force events and eventually went on permanent display at the National Museum in 2013.

Although Michael never worked as a permanent bike builder at Orange County Choppers, he occasionally helped co-workers create choppers and even built his own bike. However, issues between his brother Paul and his father caused his older brother to leave the shop in 2009, subsequently opening his own chopper business Paul Jr. Designs.

Paul Jr. wasn’t the only person affected by the family feud. Michael began considering leaving Orange County Choppers as the connection between him and his father also deteriorated. The tense situation ended with Michael’s release from OOC in 2012. His father Paul Sr. said his son never improved at his job, even when he had opportunities to succeed.

Michel Teutul

Regarding the situation, Michael said what really caused his leave: “My relationship with my dad will only improve if it’s somehow off the radar.” He said ‘I think maybe it’s time to move on.

The decision was not sudden, however, as he had already informed his brother Paul: “I have always talked to him about this stuff over the years. Like when we had that split with OCC, I wanted to jump ship then.”

Michael joined Paul Jr. Designs soon after, although it’s unclear whether he ever returned to work at his father’s company. Despite this, Michael and Paul Jr. were able to reconcile their relationship with their father over the next few years.

Television debut – American Chopper

Michael first appeared on television in 2002 when “American Chopper” premiered on the Discovery Channel, then moved to TLC in 2008 during its sixth season. The show centered on Michael’s father’s company, Orange County Choppers. On the show, viewers can watch the process of creating and building some of America’s most innovative and memorable custom bikes. Although Michael is known for not being involved in the bike-building process, in “American Chopper” he was known to be the show’s comedy-relieving factor, which led to him becoming one of the fan-favorite actors.

The “Black Widow Bike” was the first chopper ever featured on “American Chopper”, centering its first two episodes on it. The design of this bike made visible to onlookers Michael’s father, Paul Senior’s obsession with spiders.

Inspired by the US Army’s Comanche RAH-66 helicopter, the “Comanche Bike” was also part of the first season of the show, followed by the “Future Bike” inspired by the film “I, Robot” and exhibited during its premiere. .

The New York Jets “Football Bike” and the “Liberty Bike” commissioned by the Soleia Company CEO were also featured in the series, along with other original creations specially designed to suit a variety of customers such as the New York Yankees, Wendy’s, Go Daddy and Kansas City Royals.

Despite its widespread success on television and becoming one of the most memorable reality shows, “American Chopper” was canceled in 2010, following the personal and legal feud between Paul Senior and his son Paul Junior. On August 12, 2010, a spin-off titled “American Chopper: Senior. Vs Junior” premiered, although the series was short-lived as it only lasted two seasons.

Executive producer Craig Piligian expressed his feelings about the show’s ending: “There’s been so much that’s happened to this family over the past 10 years. We have seen them become a huge motorcycle shop. We have seen them fight bitterly. We have seen them go to court. And recently we saw them come together to open a new business. I think the show has come full circle’

However, in 2018, the original “American Chopper” was revived and premiered on the Discovery Channel. In this series – which is still airing – old and new fans of the series can experience not only Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs, but also the renewed relationship between father and son.

Private life

Michael is a very private person and does not share many details about his personal life. For this reason, his marital status and possible children are unknown.

Michael loves art and painting, which led him to open an art gallery in 2013.

Alcohol addiction

In 2009, Michael Teutul entered rehabilitation due to a serious alcohol addiction, although further information about his condition has not been revealed.

Legal issues

In 2019, Micheal Teutul was sued by photographer Scott Gunnells, who accused him of using his photographic work for commercial purposes without permission, cutting him off from profits. There is no further information on the current status of the prosecution.

Net value

Michael Teutul’s net worth is estimated at $2 million as a result of his work at Orange County Choppers and his numerous television appearances.

Physical appearance

Michael Teutul is a man of white ethnicity, with long blond hair and green eyes. His height and weight are unknown, although he has a chubby appearance.

Interesting facts

Michael, his father, and Alex Franco have teamed up to form Brüder4Brothers, a temporary band that will be heard on Italian-German rock band Frei.Wild’s “Brotherhood” album, slated for release in 2020.

Michael said he doesn’t watch episodes of “American Chopper” regularly: “I watched a few. You know, like the Australian episode just because it’s kind of like an exotic episode, yeah. Things like that’.

Michael partnered with FarQueue Products to produce a line of pasta sauces in 2011. However, the project never saw the light of day for unknown reasons.

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