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‘She has unresolved sexual tension with a lot of characters’: Mindy Kaling hilariously reacts to Velma Backlash for making her South Asian, says vast majority are excited for the character


Mindy Kaling recently responded to the uproar over the impending reimagining of the series based on Velma’s ancestry from Scooby Doo. The character, who was always portrayed as white in the original comics and film adaptations, is now South Asian in the new spin-off.

South Asian Velma
Velma revealed as a South Asian

Mindy Kaling will play Velma, the famous bespectacled character, and executive producer of the comedy for HBO Max. Thursday, the I have never The co-creator discussed the various reactions to her portrayal of the role of the nerdy member of Mystery Inc. with Seth Meyers, host of Late Night Last year.

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The Velma series receives a lot of negative reactions from fans

The project, which was revealed in February, is an adult animated version of the famous sleuth known for losing her glasses, and it will look at her origin story. Mindy Kaling will voice the character who has appeared in several scooby-doo animated programs and films since the original series premiered in 1969.

Mindy Kaling Velma
Mindy Kaling as the voice of Velma

Following the first reveal that Kaling would be voicing the beloved character, the actress said the comments were overwhelmingly enthusiastic. However, when it was finally announced that the character, who had long been cast as white, would be South Asian for his current chapter, some of that excitement turned into backlash, with Kaling telling Meyers that “people were not happy” on social networks.

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Kaling confessed that she was surprised at the character “has sparked such strong reactions back and forth,” with Meyers adding that Velma was often an overlooked character who might be surprised to find out how much people cared about her.

Mindy Kaling reacts to trolls

Thursday (October 6), Office star said she is “constantly surprised by the reactions to everything on social media.” She says,

“I think the characters in this movie are so iconic, but the gang is in no way defined by their whiteness, except for Fred,” she continued. “So I was a little surprised and I think most Indian-American girls, when they see this skeptical, hard-working, underappreciated character, can relate to her.”

Popular actor who was devastated after not getting one of the iconic roles.
Mindy Kaling is an American actress, comedian, screenwriter, producer, director and author.

Kaling remembers doing the same as a child. “Growing up, I always identified with Velma,” she pointed out that the diligent gang member Scooby was seen as the “brains.” “She was so cute, but not like traditionally sexy – super smart, super thick glasses, dodgy haircut. I love the show and feel so honored to do the voice.

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The new anime series will also explore Velma “Unresolved Sexual Tension with Lots of Characters” according to Kaling. The adult animated series will also star Sam Richardson as Shaggy, Constance Wu as Daphne, and Glenn Howerton as Fred, and portray Velma’s origin story.

Velma will air on HBO Max in 2023.

Source: People

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